Monday Night Releases Taco Tuesday Mexican-Style Lager

Taco Tuesday Mexican-Style Lager in 12-Packs

New Clean, Crisp Lager Now Available Across the Southeast 

ATLANTA, GA — Monday Night Brewing releases Taco Tuesday across Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama this week. Taco Tuesday is a supremely drinkable, well-balanced lager. Sitting at 4.5% ABV, it’s brewed with Pilsner and Munich malts and hopped with Saphir and Saaz. While it features playful, approachable packaging informed by its name, the beer itself is an intentional, thoughtful expression of a storied style.

“Taco Tuesday was crafted with inspiration from our favorite food styles, employing a healthy dose of salinity for a crisp, mouthwatering effect. It’s a crushable, harmonious experience that is a far cry from your dad’s recliner lager, but is in no way pretentious. It makes for a delicious pairing with yard work and sips of tequila,” said Brewmaster Peter Kiley.

When brewing new beers at Monday Night, the intended result is always a liquid that tastes, looks and feels like a prime example of its style, but the history of this style is somewhat complicated. What most people think of as ‘Mexican-style lagers’ actually have German and Austrian roots. Mass-produced, household name Mexican-style lagers didn’t directly evolve from the Vienna-style lager European settlers brought to Mexico some 200 years ago, and the flavor tends to have little in common. Now, it’s exciting to see Mexican microbreweries begin to reclaim the style with a focus on tradition and native ingredients.

“Taco Tuesday is a humble, yet delicious, nod to what the industry has dubbed ‘Mexican-style’ for quite some time. What the style evolves into in the future, we’ll just have to wait and see,” said Brewmaster Peter Kiley.

Look for Taco Tuesday 12-packs in 12-ounce cans at your local retailer across Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.


About Monday Night Brewing

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