Magic Hat Releases Bartlett Bay Margarita Gose

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. – The Magic Hat Brewing Company has released a new, limited batch summer quencher to ensure that no palate goes dry during the sun’s searing reign. Bartlett Bay is a margarita gose that welcomes overheated beer lovers “into the bay” for a quick cool-off.

Tropical Escape-in-a-Can

After many months of toiling with different ingredients and flavor profiles, Magic Hat’s magnificent brewers nailed down the perfect potion for summer refreshment. Like the perfect margarita, Bartlett Bay is made with orange, lime, and salt, balancing the sweet with the sour to create a fiesta of flavors. Smooth and tart, thanks to a malt bill that includes wheat and acidulated malt, Bartlett Bay weighs in at 3.0% ABV, sports 8g of carbs and a respectably sexy 99 calories.

Bartlett Bay is named for the bay that isn’t there, and maybe never was. This beer is brewed to serve as a reminder that refreshment is a state of mind – you will find yourself basking in a land of tropical revelry at first sip.

In addition to refreshment, Bartlett Bay had a second purpose: supporting Lake Champlain. Magic Hat will be donating $5,000 from the proceeds of this beer to our friends at the Lake Champlain Committee, who work hard to protect our lake’s ecological health and accessibility for future generations.

Pull Up a Chair and Kick It with These Cans

Bartlett Bay will be available in 6-pack cans and draft from May through September. Those who wish to “visit” Bartlett Bay this summer are encouraged to consult the Sip Code® Locator at

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