KC Bier Co Begins Bottling Flagships Germany-Style Lagers


Kansas City, MO – Is drinking an imported German beer the closest you can get to an authentic Bavarian beer experience? Not since KC Bier Co started bottling in October of 2016. The brewery uses imported barley, hops, yeast, and traditional German lagering methods to craft an authentic German beer experience right in your backyard.

The newly released six packs and cases not only contain the freshest German beer that you can buy in this country, but they also sport iconic all-red packaging that celebrates both the German heritage and the Kansas City Community. KC Bier partnered with The Brandit to design these bottles and packaging. The branding agency celebrated the local roots with woodcut style illustrations of Kansas City landmarks, and demonstrated the German perspective of brewing front and center with large poster-like lettering for each (clearly German) beer.

“To avoid the cliché, we approached communicating ‘German’ not by trying to look German,” said Matt Ebbing, Associate Creative Director at The Brandit, “but rather let the authentic beer styles clearly demonstrate what’s special about these products. The lettering for Dunkel, Helles, Hefeweizen is unapologetically large and loud – but executed in a clean and modern way. And while the beer style is a commanding voice, there are illustrations of Kansas City landmarks to communicate a local and cultural backdrop.”

The three flagship beers now available in the bottle are: Dunkel, a brown lager; Helles, a golden lager; and the Hefeweizen, a Bavarian-style wheat ale.

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