Jiant Debuts Hard Tea

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jiant, a modern alcohol brand known for its refreshing approach to hard kombuchas, announces the launch of its newest innovation: hard tea. Jiant Hard Tea is crafted with freshly brewed organic tea that is fermented 100% dry prior to adding a splash of real fruit juice. The resulting ‘drink of the summer’ is a light and refreshing 5% ABV sparkling beverage with only 100 calories and less than 2 grams of sugar.

Each hard tea is brewed with a carefully selected loose-leaf tea along with organic lemon juice, cane sugar, and champagne yeast. Jiant’s distinctive approach and ingredients stand in stark contrast to typical hard teas or hard seltzers (where extracts, concentrates, or natural flavors are added post fermentation to an otherwise neutral alcohol base.) Quality shines through each and every sip, offering an overall experience that is deliciously light and fresh.

“Creating a hard tea was a natural extension of the brand and something we’ve had in the back of our minds ever since we started Jiant,” says Aaron Telch, Jiant co-founder. “We’ve found inspiration and creativity using tea in a similar way a craft beer brewer might use hops: to create layers of flavor and aromatics.”

The three launch flavors of Jiant Hard Tea are –

Keemun Black Tea with Raspberry and Mint: Sweet and mellow, this top-shelf tea is cool, complex, and completely delicious

Pu’er Tea with Blood Orange and Grapefruit: Smooth and aromatic, this easy-drinking tea is refreshingly crisp and clean.

Oolong Tea with Mango and Lime: Fresh and lightly floral, this prized tea delivers a punch of tropical fruit

Like Jiant’s hard kombuchas, Jiant Hard Tea is gluten-free and brewed from all organic and non-gmo ingredients and is available in a variety 8-pack (SRP $14.99) in Southern California and New York and will be rolling out in Northern California, Colorado, Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut throughout the summer.

About Jiant

Founded in 2019 by Larry Haertel Jr and Aaron Telch, Jiant views tea and botanicals as the perfect canvas for a new kind of adult beverage, one that doesn’t rely on conventional ingredients and has a nutritional profile more aligned with what today’s consumer wants. Their approach to hard kombucha, and now hard tea, is traditional in process but unconventional in results, offering beverages that are expressive and interesting while remaining accessible and surprisingly light.

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