Galipette Cidre Launches at Sainsbury’s Across the United Kingdom

Award-winning pure French cider brand, Galipette Cidre, has announced the launch of Galipette Cidre Brut into 300 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK in a new 500ml bottle format. From Sunday, 14 February the premium French cider will be available in-store and online.

Crafted using 100% fermented apple juice, free from concentrate, added sugars or preservatives, Galipette is locally produced in Northwest France using hand-picked apples and traditional methods. The brand’s range includes three variants: Galipette Brut (4.5% ABV); a classic Breton cider of rich and full-bodied flavour, Galipette Biologique (4.0% ABV), which is naturally sweeter with fruity and floral notes and lastly, Galipette Non-Alc (0% ABV) – a refreshing, non-alcoholic cider with gentle spiciness, crisp apples and bright acidity.

The cider category has seen a rise in trends including premiumisation, authenticity & craft and low-and no-alcohol cider[1]. In numbers, we saw that craft cider was the only cider category in the off-trade that saw growth in market share (+9.4%), and it’s proving itself to be a category with massive potential championing high quality ciders. Galipette’s mission is to provide a real and authentic option in an increasingly artificial and disposable world, by returning to traditional values of craft, cultivation and preservation.

Sam Warren, Senior Buyer at Sainsbury’s, says: “Galipette Cidre Brut is an excellent example of a classic Breton-style cidre made of 100% fermented apple juice. We see huge opportunity in heritage craft cider and are really excited to see how Galipette Cidre Brut will be received by Sainsbury’s customers.”

Galipette Cidre’s co-founder, Ilkka Soini, commented: “We’re excited to be launching Galipette in Sainsbury’s and introducing the brand to Sainsbury’s shoppers across the nation. The UK is by far the number one cider consuming country, and we feel Galipette answers growing demands for authentic, traditional and honest brands in the category. We hope to inspire people across the nation to celebrate the quintessential French joie de vivre with a little help from Galipette.”


About Galipette

Galipette Cidre is a pure French cider made with 100% fermented apple juice. Our ciders are locally produced in Northwest France from fresh press juice made with hand-picked cider apples and fermented using traditional and local methods. Galipette ciders are free from concentrate, have no added sugar, no sweeteners or anything artificial. The range has three variants:

  • Galipette Brut 4.5% ABV (Brittany) – Classic, Breton cider of rich and full-bodied flavour
  • Galipette Biologique 4.0% ABV – Naturally sweeter, fruity and floral
  • Galipette Non-Alc 0% – Refreshing, non-alcoholic cider with gentle spiciness, crisp apples and bright acidity

Galipette is a product of artisan craft over scientific optimisation, and of passion and taste over output. They follow the character of the fruit and wild, slow fermentation, with minimal intervention. Born of collaboration and a long-running cooperative, designed to give the apple farmers a future through banding together and securing enough scale, so they can continue to farm the land as they have for generations. AwardsGalipette has won a total of 19 awards in international beer and cider competitions since the brand’s inception.

Highlights include:

  • Double Gold in the CiderCraft Awards (US) – December 2019
  • Gold in the International Brewing and Cider Awards (UK) – March 2017
  • Gold in the New York International Beer & Cider Competition (US) – February 2018
  • Gold in the Bartenders Brands Awards (UK) – April 2019 & April 2020
  • Overall Category Winner in the Bartenders Brands Awards (UK) – April 2020

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