Fermentis Launches SafSour LB 1 to Produce Another Kind of Balanced Sour Beer

This heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria is ideal to produce Kettle-Sour Beers, such as Gose, Berliner Weisse, and many other sour beers. It comes as a complement of SafSour LP 652™.

Indeed, as the diverse range of sour beers grows rapidly in popularity, Fermentis is responding by offering a new lactic acid bacteria, SafSour LB 1TM.

Producing balanced sour beers efficiently and precisely requires a controlled lactic acid fermentation process. Lactic acid fermentation is an ideal way to produce a reliable sour base beer for the production of a very large range of sour beers. It contributes to beer flavor diversity and offers today more creativity, control and convenience to you, brewers.

This is thus the second lactic acid bacteria offered by Fermentis. The previous selection, SafSour LP 652TM is a homofermentative Lactiplantibacillus plantarum and produces only lactic acid from glucose during lactic acid fermentation, thus offering a different base beer profile. Fermentis has now selected Levilactobacillus brevis, a heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria, called SafSour LB 1TM, because it converts glucose into lactic acid and either ethanol or acetic acid, depending on the oxygen content in non-hopped wort. This difference will bring taste and aroma perception differences in sour beers.

While lactic acid production by homofermentative bacteria is highly favored when the wort is not aerated, acetic acid production by the heterofermentative bacteria SafSour LB 1TM can be enhanced when the wort is aerated – controlled by the oxygen quantity injected in the wort prior to the lactic acid fermentation. This empowers brewers to choose the organic acid balance and acidity perception they want to develop in their sour beer.

Lactic acid bacteria strain choice has a profound impact on the flavor profile of finished beers, and the heterofermentative nature of SafSour LB 1TM allows brewers to fine tune acetic acid quantities, providing new flavor perspectives in this beer style. It also reveals a neutral aromatic profile, respecting the aromatic signature of the yeast performing subsequent main alcoholic fermentation in the final product.

For more information: https://fermentis.com/en/fermentation-solutions/you-create-beer/

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