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New York, NY
This is a past event. Replay all presentations and view upcoming events. Announces Brewbound Session Conference; June 5, 2012 in NYC

Combining the best in business information and networking, the Brewbound Craft Beer Session offers an unmatched strategic learning opportunity  for craft brewers.

This event, focusing on the business side of craft brewing, will take place at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on Tuesday, June 5. With an emphasis on the business of beer, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn marketing, investment, and distribution strategies, as well as hear case studies of successful brands  in a highly collaborative atmosphere.

Giving skilled craft brewers a unique opportunity to learn from and network with speakers, panelists, suppliers and each other, the conference aims to address the topics that directly impact craft brewers as they look to refine their brands and grow their businesses.

During the event, brewers and beer industry experts will discuss how brewers can harness the avalanche of consumer, distributor and retailer interest in the craft beer category to improve their access to growth capital and deepen their sales base. Panelists and presenters will help brewers weigh the impact of portfolio choices,  branding elements like design and packaging decisions on brand-building and shelf appeal, as well as long-term distribution strategies. Marketing, merchandising, and the overall state of the craft market are looked at as opportunities for brewers to improve revenue and profitability, and to build the capital structure that will allow them to weather any storm.

Brewbound Craft Beer Session attendees will have multiple opportunities to engage speakers both during the moderated part of the program and as part of structured networking breaks. Additionally, attendees will be able to leverage the advanced networking availability — and sampling opportunities — afforded by the 500-plus investors, distributors, suppliers and retailers on hand due to the event’s co-location with the BevNET Live event at the Metropolitan Pavilion, and they will have the opportunity to participate in the trade show shared by the two shows on June 4.