Doss Blockos Continues Brand Reinvention With ‘D’ Draft and Hotel Animal

Australia – In 2021, Doss Blockos has evolved.  It’s still rooted in all that was created over a decade ago, but with sustainability in mind…the brand no longer comes in the bottles wrapped in brown-paper bags it once did.  Enter the new Doss Blockos ‘D’ Draft.  As the second beer in the ‘Alphabet City’ series, Doss Blockos ‘D’ sits beside the recently released Doss Blockos ‘X’ (XPA), and gives a nod to the past whilst embracing a new fresh look and feel for the brand…

As part of brand’s reinvention, even a bar has been created with Doss Blockos ‘D’ in mind… Hotel Animal (designed by Josh Lefers, also one of East 9th Brewing’s founders), is located on Melbourne’s King Street, and has been crafted to be the perfect complement for a cold Doss Blockos.  It’s a gritty rock’n’roll venue that tips its hat to the long list of dead rockstars from the ’27 Club’ (inside there’s literally shrines to the likes of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Janice Joplin to name a few). “Through the doors, your ears will be treated to loud rock’n’roll and your taste-buds with fresh Doss Blockos brews.  Doss Blockos has an unapologetic, non-nonsense approach to beer and a raw creative vein that connects the brand to the beating heart of this venue”, says Josh Lefers of East 9th Brewing (Josh also designed other Melbourne venues such as Pawn & Co, Storyville and the new super-club, Ballers Clubhouse).

Over the last decade, the Doss Blockos brand has done some heavy lifting in Australia.  The iconic Pale Lager, approachable in taste and irreverent in personality, is a brand that has helped introduce non-mainstream beer brands to everyday consumers all over the country.  Doss Blockos is also a trailblazer from a brand perspective- its persona was, and is still is, quite unique…the brand speaks of progressive ideologies and acts as a vehicle for expression in today’s changing world.

‘Doss Blockos D is a return to our roots.  Clean, refreshing lager is how we started all those years ago, and since then, we’ve refined our recipe.  And this is it- A freshly polished draft beer. This beer is brewed for drinking. Drink Doss Draft.’

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