Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co. Signs With Bay Area Distributor Matagrano Inc.

Devil's Canyon BrewingBelmont, CA. — June 29, 2011 — San Francisco Peninsula-based Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company takes great pride in announcing an agreement with Matagrano Inc. for distribution of their products in San Mateo and San Francisco counties. Until today, Devil’s Canyon has self-distributed their award-winning craft beer and root beer daily throughout San Mateo county from the brewery’s facility in Belmont.

The Brewery’s name is derived from the original Spanish designation for the City of Belmont – “la Canada del Diablo” or Devil’s Canyon, and as they approach their 10th year of operation, demand for their locally made products is soaring. Sales of their flagship brands such as Full Boar Scotch Ale (so named for the tusked inhabitants of the county’s many parks) and Silicon Blonde Ale (a nod to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs past and present) continue to see steady growth even with challenges of the current economy.

Word of the brewery’s high-quality products and top-notch customer service spread throughout the peninsula through a combination of sales efforts, social networking conversations and good old fashion face-to-face “taste-testing.” More recently, chefs, bartenders and owners of various upscale restaurants and pubs in San Francisco started to take notice.

“We always planned to expand into San Francisco, but a controlled growth is imperative in order to maintain the level of customer service, professionalism and product quality Devil’s Canyon Brewery is known for,” said owner Christopher Garrett. “We are self-distributed in San Francisco at a few select locations but as word is getting out and demand is rising, it makes sense to find a distributor that shares our ideals and values.”

When Matagrano Inc. contacted the brewery, the synergy between the two local, family owned companies was immediately recognized. The Matagrano family has been in the distribution business since before prohibition and survived this country’s dry years, reestablishing themselves in the beer industry as soon as the 18th amendment was repealed. They continue to run an independent, family owned business with third and fourth generation members still at the wheel.

The combination of a family owned distributorship with a fleet of vehicles and in-depth knowledge of the San Francisco craft beer landscape, along with Devil’s Canyon’s employee owned facility and civic-centric philosophy creates a powerful engine for economic growth in the local community.

“We spent 10 years building up successful local brands and getting them to our amazing, growing fan base,” stated VP of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Curran. “Having Matagrano assume distribution of our products makes sense, and with summer here, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

He lauded Matagrano’s caliber of employees and their focus on customer service, adding, “Matagrano is a company with integrity and foresight. This is a huge win for the craft beer community as a whole.”

Curran added, “Matagrano’s distribution of Devil’s Canyon products in San Mateo and San Francisco counties is a welcomed extension of our brands as it affords a whole new segment of the city and the peninsula an opportunity to enjoy some of the best craft beer and root beer the Bay Area has to offer.”

Even with so many exciting changes ahead, both companies still take giving back to local communities very seriously. Each year Matagrano sponsors over 40 street fairs, church festivals, and various other charitable community events in San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Devil’s Canyon gives back to local schools, charities and noble causes through its “Cheers! for Charity” program.

With Matagrano meeting the delivery demands for craft beer enthusiasts in San Mateo and San Francisco counties, Devil’s Canyon will continue to self-distribute in the South Bay from Palo Alto to San Jose and everywhere in between. They also plan to begin bottling some of their most requested styles as soon as July.

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