Beer Kulture and Green Bench Brewing Partner on Kulture ‘Tings German Pilsner to Celebrate Shared Community

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Beer Kulture, the nonprofit organization working to increase diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry, has partnered with Green Bench Brewing to release a new line of beers called Kulture ‘Tings.

“This series has a beautiful message that we feel is extremely important at this point in time,” said Latiesha Cook, President and CEO, Beer Kulture. “Kulture ‘Tings is the embodiment of our shared community. It honors and celebrates the variety of people and backgrounds within the craft beer space.”

Kulture ‘Tings will become the nonprofit’s flagship series of beers produced in partnership with Green Bench Brewing. The inaugural Kulture ‘Tings release is a German Pilsner. Following releases will vary in style, with labels changing from beer to beer, but each will carry the Kulture ‘Tings name, which has significant meaning to Beer Kulture.

“When you think about Kulture, you think about the Arts, the customs, the achievements, the history, and the swag that’s attached to the people it represents,” explains Cook. “My kulture may look different from yours based on where I come from and my experiences. But one thing that stands true is that when we’re together, we’re cultivating shared kulture. This beer is about celebrating my kulture, your kulture, our kulture, and most importantly, the kulture we’re creating together in the here and now.”

This first Kulture ‘Tings release digs deep into the heart of beer drinking kulture as a traditional German Pilsner.

“This style is the foundation of the most widely consumed beers in the world,” explained Khris Johnson, Vice President, Beer Kulture and Founding Brewer & Co-Owner of Green Bench Brewing. “We started with imported German Barke Pilsner malt and executed a precise single decoction mash process that resulted in a wonderfully rich cracker and grain aroma/flavor. In the boil, we used German-grown Tettnang hops for a spicy, floral, and delicate hop profile. We then fermented the beer low and slow before naturally carbonating it and allowing it to rest cold for several weeks. Post lager we packaged Kulture ’Tings German Pilsner crystal clear and were left with a golden, refreshing, snappy, dry, and effervescent beer that beckons for one more sip.”

Kulture ‘Tings is available on draft and in 16oz. can four packs at Green Bench Brewing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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