5 German Craft Brands to Debut in U.S.


A group of five German craft breweries working with Brooklyn-based import manager Liquid Projects LLC plan to make their U.S. debut next week, launching in Philadelphia, Rhode Island and New York with a trio of wholesalers.

Operating under the “Reinheits Boten” moniker, derived from “Reinheitsgebot,” the German beer purity law, the five German breweries include: Distelhäuser, Zoller-Hof, Friedenfelser Brauerei, Riedenburger Brauhaus and Himburgs Braukunst Keller.

In a press release, Liquid Project LLC founder Lars Dahlhaus, who previously spent three years as a craft import manager with St. Killian Importing, owned by Sheehan Family Companies, described his company’s approach with foreign brands as a “ground-breaking new approach to importing beer in the United States.”

According to the release, Dahlhaus has “unified” the five brands under a single name and the individual companies will “retain their identity” as independent breweries.

In addition to helping international beer and spirits brands secure distribution throughout the U.S., via importer MHW, Ltd., Liquid Projects LLC, serving as a broker, will provide companies with the “marketing and sales support they need to thrive in the American marketplace,” according to the announcement.

“Our goal is to bring the highest quality German craft beers to the American beer fan,” Dahlhaus said via the release. “Liquid Projects, LLC will guide every step of the importation process, promotion and marketing, and we work solely on commission, incentivizing us to sell the beers that we introduce.”

The company is working with Sarene Craft Beer Distributors in New York, Best Beverage in Rhode Island and Origlio Beverage in Philadelphia, it said.

In 2017, Liquid Projects will expand the Reinheits Boten’s reach to Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut and California, it said, adding that relationships with Ireland’s Porterhouse Brewing Dingle Distillery have also been established.