New Microbrewery In Redding Opens Its Doors

REDDING, CA – Wildcard Brewing Company is the result of years of day dreaming. It started when Jeff and Jenny Hansen brewed two beers to give away as wedding favors at a brewery in San Luis Obispo, CA where they went to college. Homebrew projects and burst bottle explosions ensued in the years after.

But a casual passion soon turned career as Jeff and Jenny headed to England. Jeff studied brewing science at the University of Sunderland and Jenny conducted “research” in various local pubs. Once back in the states Jeff headed straight for the most competitive brewing location, the Pacific Northwest. Now years later the pair are back in Jeff’s hometown of Redding, CA building out their production brewery.

About Wildcard Brewing Company:

Wildcard Brewing Company opened its doors on November 8th, 2012. They put across the bar four year round beers; Suicide Jack, California Cream Ale; Liar’s Dice, IPA; Double Down, Imperial Red Ale; Shot in the Dark, Oatmeal Porter. In addition they brew several local releases and four seasonal ales. Beers are currently distributed in the Redding area. Wildcard’s tap room is open Wed. Thur.2pm-8pm; Fri. Sat. 12-9pm; Sun. 12-5pm; Closed Mon. Tues. The brewery is located at 9565 Crossroads Dr. Redding, CA.