LA Based CBD Beverage - US Distribution Partnerships Wanted

ENDO Water is a revolutionary herbal enhanced functional beverage.  We are currently looking for distribution in Colorado, Nevada, Northern California, Washington, and Texas, and the Midwest. We are looking to expand our success in the S. California market across the US. We are fresh off of a brand update and are ready to take this beverage to the next level. 

We have TESTED product that is guaranteed at the 10mg of "full-spectrum" CBD we never use isolate and source exclusively from U.S. Dept of AG registered hemp pilot programs, making us a totally compliant product. 

- We have a base of 9.5PH structured water

- 10mg "full spectrum" third-party lab tested. 

- Essence flavoring (no junk or sugar)

- Realistic "approachable" price point, there is a margin for the distribution and retail to make a great return on this product. Priced along with, Kombucha, Cold Brew, and other functional beverages. 

We are looking to partner with a team that understands the booming hemp ingredient trend and wants to take advantage of a product that is primed to explode. 

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contact Daniel: 972.742.9182 

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Posted at 06/27/2018 2:02 PM

Last Updated at 06/27/2018 3:43 PM