Contract Brewing Services Available- SingleCut North (New York)

SingleCut North in Clifton Park, NY is currently accepting applicants for contracted tank space in 2020. The SingleCut team and its contract partners hold the highest standards for brewing quality and QA/QC. Simply put, we only brew the best beer we possibly can, and treat every drop of contracted beer with the same practices and standards as our own brands.


Facility Specs:

-50bbl 5-Vessel JVNW Brewhouse

-Assorted 50bbl-200bbl FVs

-12 head Palmer rotary canner servicing 16oz format cans (options for various sizes available upon request)

-Full time Warehousing Crew and shipping docks

-Full time Brewery Operations Supervisor focusing on contract partners

-Full time in house Microbiologist and Quality Control Supervisor

-Long term rentable dry-storage space

-In house yeast propagation services and house cultures available for purchase.


Current Availability for 2020:

-100bbl+ batch sizes, up to 600bbl/month (Waiting list available for 50bbl batch sizes)


Our 40,000sq/ft facility in Saratoga County NY is located at the intersection of the I-87 and I-90 corridors, with central shipping access to the entire Northeast, Midwest, and Canada.


For additional information or brewing references, please contact General Manager, Dan Bronson,

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Posted at 01/09/2020 5:59 PM