Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp (Created Specifically for Craft Breweries)

Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp.

Developed exclusively for brewery staff and the craft beer industry.

A key leverage point and main communication media for most independent craft breweries is social media.

This course is an adaptation of Shawndra Russell’s college curriculum into 30 bite size lessons delivered to your email, daily, for one month. 

The first day of Brewing Up a Social Media Shitstorm 30-day Bootcamp is
October 15, 2018

At the end of the 30 days, you will have:

1). established routines that will increase engagement, and

2). laid the groundwork for a sustainable and profitable digital presence that accurately represents your brewery's culture, vision, and mission.

The price for this course is $99.00. 

GUARANTEE: If you complete all 30 exercises + execute your new plan for 60 days and your results do not exceed your expectations, we will issue you refund for the entire cost of the Bootcamp package.

Here’s what you get:

  • Instruction in all four major platforms by Shawndra Russell that pulls from her college curriculum has been adapted specifically for brewers.
  • Four 1-week training modules, where Shawndra deconstructs a successful social media strategy: identifying the personality of your brewery; collecting great content from you team and fans; creating engagement with your community; and productivity hacks to save time and keep you sane.
  • 30 daily 15 to 30-minute exercises (delivered via email). This is the where the wort meets the hops.
  • An invitation to a private Facebook group for where you can ask questions, interact, and gain addition support. (And, get trained to use Facebook Groups)
  • Bonus Prep Week – exercises to get your profiles updated, looking at analytics to determine your starting point, and identifying goals and most pressing areas of need.

Additional information such as: What You Get; What People Are Saying About The Bootcamp; What You’ll Achieve Just In The First Week; and Who Should Attend is available at:

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