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We are looking for a Lead Brewer to join Jailbreak Brewing Company’s brewing team. The role of Lead Brewer will combine responsibilities across brewing and cellaring but with a focus on over-seeing all aspects of production. As part of the brewery production team the individual will also assist with packaging and with other brewery work. This position will participate in all aspects of the brewing process — including but not limited to raw materials management, recipe development, brewhouse operations, cellaring management, packaging, barrel aging, yeast husbandry, laboratory operations, and all associated beer quality standards.

Role Responsibilities:

-Brewhouse operations including all aspects of production including wort production, fermentation, filtering and beer transfer.

-Precisely following all brewery recipes for existing beers and developing new and innovative recipes for full-scale and pilot batches

-Follow existing Standard Operating Procedures pertaining to brewing, cellaring, packaging and authoring / updating SOPs as needed

-Maintain detailed data records associated with brewing, cellaring, centrifuge operations, packaging and related activities

-Data entry of all appropriate details in the brewery management software (Ekos)

-Daily gravity readings and recordings, CO2/DO readings as necessary

-Oversee and manage centrifuge and associated equipment

-Follow, develop, and maintain best practices for all brewing, cellaring and packaging procedures

-Maintain accurate production records

-Ensure all production areas are well maintained to the highest hygienic standard

-Ensure production compliance with the relevant food acts at all times

-Represent the company at beer tastings and industry events

-Canning, Casking and Kegging

-CIP and maintenance of brewhouse

-Complete all appropriate production documentation

-Knowledge of packaging equipment and procedures

-Bulk beer storage and transfer, including the correct handling of lines and sanitation of hoses & fittings.

-Follow and develop SOP’s with the Brewmaster, ensuring the compliance by brewery team

-Assist in wort production schedule in line with sales demand

-Focus on gaining efficiencies to reduce beer and material losses

-Liaise with warehouse and sales teams about stock coming off the packaging lines and organizing the storage of packaging materials

-Maintain a high level of Health and Safety at all times

-Ensure ingredients and materials are monitored and maintained for beer styles

-Ability problem solve

-Role will require heavy lifting, and fork-lift truck training.



-Brewing qualifications and/or minimum of two years previous industry experience REQUIRED

-A passion for craft beer brewing

-Strong understanding of beer brewing and cellaring strategies is required

-Laboratory skills are required

-An eye for detail and plenty of initiative

-A desire to continuously innovate, develop and share passion for beer

The role is a full-time permanent position and offers the right candidate, the opportunity to progress and develop within the company.  Starting salary will be relative to prior experience.

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