Head Brewer

Sawbelly Brewing

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Sawbelly Brewing is seeking a new Head Brewer to lead our brewing team in Exeter, NH.  Our Head Brewer will be responsible for the entire brewing operation and beer portfolio. This individual must have a proven track record of strong leadership skills.

Roles & Responsibilities

· Leadership of brewing and packaging team

· Oversee government label approval & related taxes

· Production process & timelines

· Develop new recipes regularly that are consistent with the company’s brand and sales goals.  Detailed records of the beer production process must be maintained.

· Strong communication with other departments including brew pub, marketing, & management

· Oversight of production brewing, cellaring, and conditioning

· Ensure quality & consistency of existing brands

· Assist with trouble-shooting brewing issues

· Provide technical guidance and facilitate any process or equipment changes necessary

· Provide regular feedback on beers

· Oversee & maintain product & brewery needs including raw materials, yeast, processes/equipment, etc.

· Maintain a production schedule that keeps beer available for retail, wholesale, & brew pub needs

· Manage maintenance schedule on the production line, all equipment must be carefully maintained to ensure equipment failure does not delay beer production.

· Plans to ensure growth & development of team

· Work towards achieving departmental goals around efficiencies, yields and cost

· Maintain a clean work environment

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