Packaging Lead. Experience is required running a fully automated can line and keg line.

Ironshield Brewing and Big Kettle Brewing

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Packaging Line Operator and Shift Leader
We are hiring a Brewery Packaging Line Operator and Line Shift Leader to join our team! You will operate
packaging machinery and an entire packaging line, put together packaging schedules, supervise a
packaging line crew wile identifying areas for operational improvement and increased efficiency.
· Operate, maintain, and supervise the setup, breakdown, cleaning and maintenance of carbonated beverage
packaging machinery and equipment.
· Troubleshoot and repair mechanical failures and alert management personnel immediately to potential quality
· Complete work orders and requests for both a canning line and the kegging line in a timely fashion
· Plan, submit and adhere to weekly packaging schedules based on production requirements.
· Manage, perform and supervise routine preventative maintenance on packaging equipment.
· Adhere to company safety policies and procedures and be accountable for personnel safety of packaging
crew working under them.
· Promote an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork within the department and the company.
· Compensation and responsibility will increase within a year
· Previous experience in brewery and beverage production in a highly automated manufacturing
· Familiarity with electrical controls and automation, schematics and technical drawings
· Familiarity with beverage packaging manufacturing machinery, packaging lines and equipment
· Ability to handle an intense physical workload and occasional long hours.
· Natural leadership skills that will enable the Shift Leader to supervise, organize and maintain a
disciplined work environment with the crew they supervise.
· Self- motivated, clean, thorough, and passionate about craft brewing
Materials/ Machines/ Equipment used:
· Computer automated can filling and seaming systems, depalletizers, shrink label applicators and
steam tunnels, x-ray level detectors, automated cartoners, fully automated keg cleaning and filling
· CIP cleaning and sanitizing chemicals
· Sanitary pumps, hoses, valves, clamps, gaskets, and other brewery equipment
· Forklifts, pallet jacks and similar equipment
· 32 valve carousel can filling and seaming machine
· Shrink sleeve labeler with steam tunnel
· Automated cartoner and tray erector
· Depalletizer
· Automated carousel keg cleaning and filling line
Physical Requirements:
· Ability to frequently sit, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl and climb.
· Ability to frequently lift and/or move up to 55 pounds.
· Ability to frequently reach with hands and arms.
Work environment:
· Typical of a brewery and packaging facility
· Occasionally will work with hazardous materials after proper training.
· Will work on wet floors and with wet equipment with proper personal protection equipment.
· Frequently must work in a sanitary environment.
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