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Beachwood Brewing

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Beachwood Brewing is looking for an exceptional sales person who loves beer and wants to pursue a career that fulfills their passion. We are a growing company and we are looking for candidates who can grow with us by demonstrating a high capacity to learn and take on new challenges. The primary focus is to position Beachwood Brewing as the premier craft brewery in the minds of our consumer by championing craft beer and influencing key on- and off-premise accounts to feature good beer (our beer) more often. Some of the components of this multi-faceted job include: increasing distribution, securing displays, on and off-premise features and promotions, staff trainings, POS (point-of-sale) management and leading the thought about good beer the marketplace. Accomplishing such feats requires an exceptional person who possesses a strong beer background, including industry-related sales. 


This job requires an exceptional work ethic, extensive passion for good beer, knowledge of breweries and beer styles and the ability to grow Beachwood Brewing’s business in our foot print. The focus of the job is to work with key retailers, with concentration on building relationships with on and off premise accounts. 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Control sales for on and off premise accounts, including orders, delivery, and account status
  • Increased package distribution off and on premise
  • Increase draft presence in each market
  • Plan routes to ensure all accounts are regularly seen.
  • Execute and develop a promotional calendar geared towards building sales and distribution
  • Develop key customers in each territory and attain a relationship with said retailers to gain sales and distribution.
  • Plan and execute promotion events with key retailers that may occur any day of the week.
  • Keep a weekly/bi weekly planner of goals and account calls within each wholesale territory.
  • Forecast seasonal brand execution and track results.
  • Stay current with industry trends.


  • Must have at least 3 years beer sales experience
  • The qualified candidate currently resides in Southern California
  • Requires computer knowledge and proficient use of Microsoft Office Suite (including ability to enter, retrieve, and interpret data in spreadsheets)
  • Ability to understand the market planning process
  • Basic understanding and use of selling skills, public speaking skills, and the ability to express oneself in an articulate, succinct and professional manner
  • MINIMUM of 2-year college degree (or equivalent experience) IS REQUIRED,4-year college degree (or equivalent experience) preferred 

 Please send all correspondence and resumes to: 

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