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Franconia Brewing Company seeking “Brewer”.


Franconia Brewing Company, located in McKinney, Texas is seeking a Brewer to join our team. We operate a 25 bbl. brewhouse and our beers are distributed throughout Texas & Neighboring states. This is a salaried position. The ideal candidate will be hardworking, mechanically inclined, and of course passionate about beer and beer quality.

Position Summary:

The Brewer will play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the brewery. The candidate will be proficient in all areas of production brewing including, but not limited to: grain handling, yeast management, wort production, brewhouse operations, fermentation, production scheduling, cleaning and sanitization, as well as troubleshooting and overcoming challenges. This position reports to the CEO and will serve as a member of the Operations Team.


• Preferred 3 years of brewing experience or more in a commercial brewery.

• Formal brewing education, training, certifications, or accreditation are a plus.

• A thorough knowledge of brewing/process equipment including malt milling equipment, brewhouse equipment, and cellar equipment.

• Skills applicable to general maintenance functions, including mechanical, and electrical are a plus.

• The ability to operate a forklift; current training certification is a plus.

• The ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision in a collaborative and dynamic environment, while efficiently prioritizing tasks and effectively managing workload.

• Possess acute sensory abilities to ensure beer quality.


Primary Responsibilities:

Brewing Operations

• Maintain and operate our 25 bbl. Stainless Systems brewhouse and related equipment.

• Lead a team in producing a high volume of packaged/filled beer while maintaining a safe and efficient working environment, following all scheduling, and required volumes.

• Ensure daily brewing activities are completed in a timely manner.

• Maintain the integrity and “true to brand” profile of all our Franconia Beers.

• Manage all consumables required in brewing operations. Ensure all raw ingredients (grain, hops, yeast, adjuncts, cellar consumables) are available per the brewing schedule to ensure no production shortages or stoppages.

• Manage inventory for chemicals needed for cleaning and sanitization.

• Maintain the brewing and packaging schedules.

• Develop new beers for our taproom and the market.

• Record production and batch/lot data using log sheets.

• Assist brewery staff troubleshooting and occasional maintenance tasks.

• Identify opportunities for operational improvements. 

Brewery Working Environment

The demands of the Brewer position are very physical in nature. The demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job you will be working over, under, and around machinery in tight and cramped spaces.

A good candidate will also need to be able to lift and/or move up to 130 pounds, be able to twist and turn repeatedly, be able to reach over their shoulders, and work in a standing, kneeling, walking, and crouching position at a steady pace for extended periods of time. The candidate must be comfortable working at heights of 10+ feet, while standing on a ladder or on a scissor lift. The candidate must be able to safely handle hazardous chemicals. Employees are exposed to high levels of noise and other hazards requiring the use of personal protective equipment. Adherence to company policies is a must.


We offer salary commensurate with experience and education. We are looking to hire people who are serious about beer - without taking themselves too seriously. The ability to adapt to change, operate independently, work hard with a team-oriented mindset, and learn fast is a must. 

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