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Kochendorfer Brewing Co

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The Head Brewer is an energetic and team-oriented member of the Kochendorfer Brewing Co. team with a passion for producing quality craft beer. The Head Brewer is responsible for all aspects of beer production from grain to glass; coordinating production with sales; maintaining brewery equipment and operation; ensuring safety and sanitation protocols are practiced; supervising brewing staff; maintaining accurate records and associated administrative tasks; and participating in selected events.  


About Kochendorfer Brewing Company

Opened November 2019, Kochendorfer Brewing Company (KBC) is in Duncan, Oklahoma, which is approximately 90 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and 35 miles east of Lawton/Ft Sill US Army Post. The 5000 sq ft facility has a family-friendly tap room collocated with the brewery. Additionally a large covered patio overlooks the wooded five acres. Eight beer styles plus a cider are on tap year-round, along with seasonally featured styles, including ales and lagers. Despite the pandemic, KBC has grown in sales and distribution, with over 115 accounts ranging from Altus in southwest Oklahoma to northeast of Tulsa.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Beer Production

  • Responsible for all phases of producing ales, lagers, and ciders according to brewery formulas and standards. This includes pre-brew preparation, brewing, fermentation, cellaring and packaging.
  • Perform routine quality control on beer throughout each production phase
  • Order/receive/store raw materials, equipment, gases, packaging cans/kegs/labels
  • Coordinate brewing schedules with anticipated sales requirements
  • Monitor brewery product inventory and depletion
  • Maintain keg inventory; ensure kegs are cleaned and stored appropriately
  • Support and promote the brewery’s mission and company culture
  • Operate effectively within company and budgetary guidelines
  • Coordinate with Brew Master regarding issues and problems, recommend fixes

Equipment Maintenance

  • Ensure all machinery and equipment operate at peak efficiency
  • Ensure that preventive maintenance is routinely completed
  • Ensure beer delivery systems in walk-in and outdoor cooler are functioning optimally

Safety and Sanitation

  • Adhere to all safety procedures and policies
  • Ensure that brewing team works safely in accordance with local, state and federal government
  • Supervise scrupulous cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment, tanks, walk-in, and work areas to maintain consistent beer quality
  • Ensure Tap Room and Outdoor Bar taps and lines are cleaned on a regular schedule
  • Ensure brewing team practices appropriate hygiene

Administrative Duties

  • Comply with all local, state and federal alcohol and beer laws
  • Ensure all brewing records, checklists, inventory records are accurately maintained and review regularly
  • Complete state and federal production reports
  • Problem solve and implement corrective actions
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Continue to learn current brewing techniques, raw materials, and innovations
  • Coordinate regularly with Brew Master

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Supervise all brewing employees in all tasks, including brewing preparation, brewing, fermentation, packaging, cellaring, and inventory control
  • Coordinate employee work schedules with production schedules
  • Maximize output by reducing employee downtime
  • Assist with interviewing, hiring, and training new brewery employees, in coordination with Brew Master
  • Actively participate in management team, developing brewery policies, protocols, and procedures

Special Requirements:

  • Brewing experience in a microbrewery and/or graduate of an accredited brewing school
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office programs as well as programs to track inventory, sales, keg float, etc.
  • Operate forklift
  • Ability and willingness to maintain flexible work schedule
  • Participate in select beer festivals and events
  • Maintain valid driver’s license

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent supervisory skills: supervise employees to ensure their tasks are completed accurately while working alongside them
  • Possess good beer knowledge along with good sense of smell and ability to distinguish flavors and colors in beer
  • Analytical ability to gather and summarize data,
  • Ability to problem solve and ask for help as needed
  • Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports
  • Ability to work independently and demonstrate initiative in meeting production goals
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to interact with coworkers, customers, and vendors in a professional manner
  • Excellent time management skills: able to be proactive and take initiative
  • Excellent organization and coordination skills: able to manage priorities and routinely function effectively and efficiently
  • Social perceptiveness: aware of others’ behavior and understanding why they react as they do
  • Negotiation: bringing others together and trying to reconcile differences
  • Decision making skills: collect, assess and interpret relevant information and make sound judgment
  • Have basic knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems, and able to trouble shoot break-downs
  • Study industry and market trends to ensure products stay relevant

Character Traits

  • Passion for producing quality craft beer
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Self-motivation and drive
  • Positive
  • Team player
  • Detail oriented

Physical and Mental Requirements

  • Ability to stand for extended periods of time, walk, talk, hear, use hands to grasp, handle or feel, push, pull, reach, crouch, kneel, crawl or bend, lift overhead, and perform repetitive motions of hands and/or wrists.
  • Ability to frequently lift and/or move objects weighing 55 pounds and be able to move kegs which weigh 165 pounds.
  • Ability to clean inside tanks
  • Ability to climb 14-foot ladder to loft area
  • Excellent mental and visual attention required for performing manual work, machine operations, set-ups, inspections, and adjustments that require frequent decisions to detect and adjust for variance during operation.

Environmental Conditions:

  • Work in building with and without climate control, including walk-in refrigeration unit
  • Work in wet conditions
  • Safely use acidic and alkaline chemicals
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