Pack Equipment and Facilities Maintenance Technician

Wild Leap Brewing Company

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This is a full-time position within our production facility, located in Downtown LaGrange, Georgia. 

The Pack Equipment and Facilities Maintenance Technician is responsible for all scheduled maintenance, maintenance logging, maintenance delegation, maintenance compliance enforcement, repair, replacement part ordering, cleaning and cleaning assignment, delegation and compliance enforcement of the following equipment:

  • Wild Goose Canning line and all accessories and additions
  • SkaFab Depalletizer and all accessories, upgrades, and additions
  • PackLeader Labeler 
  • Filtec Fill level monitor
  • All Conveyors, attachments and accessories
  • All Keg Filling equipment 
  • Keg Washer and all accessories
  • All plumbing to and from any packaging equipment, including CO2 and Air plumbing and regulators, and any gas management equipment and accessories 
  • All Spirit packaging equipment 

Additional Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop SOPs (Written and Pictures) for all maintenance, repair, replacement and cleaning procedures for all above equipment. 
  • Develop and maintain logs for all maintenance, repair and replacement of brewery equipment. 
  • Develop and maintain Work Order Requests for all brewery departments. 
  • Perform all general facility maintenance in all departments of the brewery. 


  • Must have experience working with maintenance and repair of facility equipment including: general experience with plumbing, electrical, and machines 
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