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Exile Brewing Company is seeking a committed, full-time, assistant brewer. This position is a vital role in our operation and can only be successfully filled by someone who makes craft beer their lifestyle, finds meaning in crafting beer for our fans and is willing to work 50+ hours/week during our busy season while maintaining a positive attitude. 

The assistant brewer will be required to operate equipment efficiently, accurately, and safely to produce quality beer according to our operating procedures and parameters. 


Exile - Far From Ordinary 

Beer fulfills our purpose. It cultivates our community of free-spirits, oddballs and outsiders. It ties us together and builds our festivities. The product of an unparalleled commitment to innovation and quality, it’s our labor of love for our uncommon family. Welcome to Exile, we’re far from ordinary. 

Founded in 2012, we are a family-owned-and-operated microbrewery and brewpub that produces world-class lagers and ales. We brew, package, and test all our beer on-site at our historic facility in Des Moines, IA. 



  • Must be flexible and willing to work nights and weekends. 

  • Must be available to work a 10+ hour shift as needed per production schedule. 

  • Typical working hours are 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Flexibility is required depending on production.
  • Complete all aspects of beer production including, but not limited to, milling/mashing in, lautering, boiling, transferring, yeast management, fermentation, cellaring, etc. 

  • Ensure all wort production data is being entered appropriately and current on Beer30 software. 

  • Organization of brew house, cellar, and raw material areas 

  • Ensure all brewing areas and all brewery equipment including mill/mill room, counters, equipment, sinks, supplies, brew house, tanks, walls, floors, drains, etc. are clean and follow established sanitation standards, personal hygiene, and health standards at all times. Make recommendations to supervisor for maintenance, repair and upkeep of facility and all equipment. 

  • Monitor and continuously improve brewing operations with regards to efficiency and quality. 

  • Monthly review of malt/hop FIFO system. 

  • Complete monthly inventory of all raw ingredients/brewing aids (malt, hop, salts, finings, etc.). 

  • Monitor and maintain inventory of brewing ingredients/aids for daily operations. Submit purchase requests as necessary to Head Brewer. 

  • Positive attitude throughout daily operations with a team-first mentality  

  • Aid in developing, maintaining and ensuring compliance to all department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in collaboration with Quality Manager/Head Brewer. 

  • Work with Quality Manager and Head Brewer on quality projects in the brew house and cellar operation. 

  • Troubleshoot and solve production problems in a systematic fashion. 

  • Supervise and communicate daily duties to assistant brewers. 

  • Facilitates communication within Exile team, between shifts, with brewing management and with other departments.  

  • Train and develop new brewers according to Exile’s Standard Operating Procedures  


Knowledge & Skills Requirements 

  • Strong organization skills 

  • Ability to learn on their own through reading books, technical papers and listening to lecture. 

  • Ability to handle and administer chemicals safely and properly. 

  • Motivated and detail oriented. 

  • Professional attitude and demeanor. 

  • Mechanical intuition. 

  • Ability to work well in a team environment and independently. 

  • Passion for the brewing industry and creating quality beer. 

  • Embody Exile Brewing Company’s core values. 


Physical Requirements 

  • While performing roles the assistant brewer is regularly required to stand, walk, climb, stoop, kneel, and crouch. 

  • The assistant brewer must regularly lift more than 50 pounds and maneuver 175 pounds. 

  • The assistant brewer will be exposed to temperature changes, wet or humid conditions, noise, vibrations, and other production related hazards and must therefore wear the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment.  

  • Assistant brewers will work an average of 50 hours per week throughout the year.  During our slow season this could drop to as little as 40 hours per week and during our busy season it could climb to as much as 60 hours per week. 

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