Brewer & Cellar Operators (100-bbl Huppmann Brewhouse)

Faubourg Brewery

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Faubourg Brewing Company is searching for experienced brewer/cellar operators to join our growing team in New Orleans. Our state of the art facilities include a four-vessel 100-bbl Huppmann brewhouse, a two-vessel 15-bbl innovation brewhouse, and a 2-bbl pilot system. Our production facilities are partially automated and feature a high-speed canning and bottling line, full laboratory, and filtration equipment with centralized monitoring and control. Faubourg team members are passionate about beer and knowledgeable about the brewing process. This role will be responsible for every interaction with our beer – from brew house operations to finished beer in a tank.

Key Responsibilities


  • Safely handle hazardous chemicals
  • Communicate effectively with other brewers and management, and contribute to a positive work environment
  • Participate in problem solving and best manufacturing practices – 5S, fishbones, etc.
  • Be a brand ambassador and professionally and enthusiastically participate, as needed, in brewery tours
  • Take part in taste panel work as directed
  • Educate other brewery employees in beer and the brewing process
  • Coordinate with brewing and marketing teams to suggest new products, new ingredients, new processes, see pilot brewing expectations below.

Brewing Operations:

  • Perform and oversee all aspects of the brewing process to Faubourg’s standards (grain handling, wort production, fermentation, beer processing, packaging, yeast management, cleaning/sanitization, safety, and routine maintenance) filling in as necessary to train and during periods of high production and/or vacation coverage.
  • Monitor and maintain the water household and boiler function;
  • Monitor, record, and evaluate brewhouse and cellar efficiency and performance.  Identify and suggest improvements for all brewhouse processes including daily monitoring of brewhouse extract efficiencies and remediation of actual or potential quality
  • Filling out paperwork and spreadsheets with timeliness and accuracy;
  • Manage all consumables required in brewing operations.  Ensure all grain, hops, yeast, spices, cleaning chemicals, cellar consumables are available per the brewing schedule. Manage consumables DOH to prevent out-of-stock and/or perishable concerns.
  • Take ownership and brew on the pilot brewing system for brand development and test brews.
  • Moving 55# ingredients upstairs to the brew deck
  • Keeping the brewhouse, mill room and silo room clean and presentable;
  • Adhering to the CIP schedule for the brewhouse tanks. Adhering to the schedule for visual inspection of the interior of the external boiler;
  • Assist QA manager in completing brewhouse and cellar labs testing including but not limited to: yeast count/viability, wort stability, brewing water chlorine and Ph, wort O2 levels.
  • Monitor all quality control parameters and adjust processes as necessary to achieve brewery standards for product quality
  • Participate in maintenance program and help on overhauls, major repairs, etc.
  • Work in packaging as needed


Qualifications are preferred but equal experience is equivalent in a case by case basis.

  • 3+ years of professional brewing experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (especially Excel)
  • Familiarity with automatic control systems
  • Working knowledge of pneumatic systems, industrial electricity, mechanical power, steam generation and distribution, industrial refrigeration and sanitary process piping and systems strongly preferred
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills with the ability to work autonomously with focus and determination.
  • Flexible hours and ability to perform typical physical duties
  • Continual learner and increasing knowledge and skills through literature and professional organizations such as MBAA, ASBC, BA.
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