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Thompson Island Brewing Company is looking for a Head Brewer to add to our team. In the first year of
operation, Thompson Island has become known for creating world class classic brews, and also quality,
innovative, new and unique beers. With the state of the art BrauKon system, we have been able to
reach and maintain a very high standard in a short time, and have already won numerous awards and
medals for beer produced this year, including a gold medal for our flagship IPA, Thompson Island IPA.
Our restaurant provides us with plenty of inspiration, creating food that pairs well with our beer, and
motivating us to create beer that pairs well with our food. We host frequent beer dinners, and often
collaborate with our chefs on brewing projects.

The Head Brewer’s main objective is to oversee all brewing tasks from grain to glass ensuring brewing,
cellaring and packaging duties are completed with maximum efficiency and safety. The Head Brewer
works closely with the Brewmaster to help all team members maintain high standards of beer
production, knowledge, and service. The Head Brewer must have a strong working knowledge of
brewing, cellaring, and packaging operations; be a detail oriented person; maintain standards of
cleanliness; and support the objectives and goals of Thompson Island Brewing Company. This is a full-
time position with a competitive salary, company health benefits, paid vacation time, and 401(K)


  • Wort production on our 8.5bbl BrauKon brewhouse
  • Cellar duties, including yeast harvesting, dry-hopping, addition of fining agents and other
    ingredients, and tank transfers
  • Packaging duties, including canning, labeling, keg washing, and kegging
  • Check the parameters of fermenting beer and note any out-of-spec fermentations
  • Maintenance of beer draught system, solving any beer dispensing issues that arise
  • Make corrective actions to beer when required, such as: limiting dissolved oxygen pick-up;
    corrective hop additions; etc.
  • Perform quality control taste/sensory analyses and make adjustments when needed
  • Maintain proper records of all actions
  • Maintain records and minimize wastage by monitoring and controlling process and equipment
  • Maximize output by reducing downtime throughout the brewing, cellaring, and packaging
  • Investigating ongoing issues and possible fixes to implement with the Brewmaster
  • Maintaining a clean brewery, and taking care of housekeeping tasks as needed
  • Ongoing education on brewing science and researching ways to improve product and
  • Training new employees on processes and tasks
  • Staffing of beer festivals and other events
  • Work within our Quality Control parameters and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Additional tasks and responsibilities as required.


  • Watch out for and identify issues with ingredients, materials, equipment, and processes, with
    the ability to fix, work around, and/or address with the Brewmaster
  • Ensure the daily beer checks are done in a timely manner
  • Help and instruct other brewing dept. team members in maintaining quality and safety
  • Ensuring the brewery maintains an acceptable level of cleanliness
  • Maintenance and calibration of lab equipment, including the pH meter, density meter, and
  • Help maintain SOPs, ensuring they are up-to-date, communicating changes to the team
  • Maintenance and upkeep of fittings, including hand-valves, sight-glasses, and brewhouse
    pipework fittings
  • Prioritization of duties and daily tasks
  • Strictly adhere to company safety policy and comply with OSHA standards for hazard
    communication, lock-out/tag-out, confined space entry, forklift use, and chemical handling
  • Identify product deficiencies
  • Work flexible shifts, with varying hours from 6:00am to 8:00pm, including weekends and


  • Must have at least one year of experience in a working production brewery, with intimate
    knowledge and understanding of wort production, fermentation, cellaring tasks, yeast
    management, kegging, packaging, and dispensing
  • Working knowledge of off-flavors and sensory analysis of various beer styles
  • Able to work independently but achieve common goals as a part of a team
  • Highly developed problem-solving skills, not just in crisis management but also in foreseeing and
    preventing potential issues from arising
  • Be 21 or over
  • Able to lift 55 lbs. and maneuver up to 175 lbs.
  • Work standing for extended periods of time
  • Willingness to learn and grow with our expanding operations
  • Reliable mode of transportation and ability to get to work on time all the time
  • Love of craft beer!
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