Head Brewer

Lager Heads Brewing Company

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Lager Heads Brewing Company is in search of a energetic/passionate Head Brewer with a minimum of two years commercial brewing experience.  Ideal candidate will be responsible for:

*Overseeing production of beer from grain to glass on a 15bbl 2 vessel brewhouse

*Ensuring daily brewing activities are completed timely and properly including, but not limited to, milling, dry hopping, packaging, cleaning/sanitizing, ordering and stocking goods and other activities necessary to a smooth brewery operation

*Managing all raw ingredients (grain, hops, yeast, adjuncts and cellar consumables) are available per the brewing schedule in order to ensure no production shortages or stoppage

*Creating and maintaining all necessary production documentation

*Maintaining a sanitary and stable work environment through CIP and SIP procedures and solid general housekeeping practice

*Collaborating with ownership on new product development and new recipes to meet market demand and trends

*Managing inventory for chemicals needed for sanitizing and cleaning

*Scheduling/Training employees and maintaining a "teamwork" focused environment

*Finally, candidate must have the physical ability to handle bags of grain and kegs


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