Sales Director

Sketchbook Brewing Company

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SALES DIRECTOR - Sketchbook Brewing Co.

We are seeking a craft beer sales leader who can join our senior team and deliver immediate gains in sales knowledge, distributor management, key account relationships, chain sales, sales marketing material improvements and production planning with improved forecasting and understanding of demand. Own the sales of all beer from Sketchbook including beer sent weekly to taprooms. Demonstrated support for constant improvement and development of better plans and processes for growth. A comfortable public speaker with competence in all MicroSoft Office programs as well as V.I.P. and other relevant beer sales platforms as necessary.

  • Member of leadership team
  • Be the voice of the market and the distributor's customers
  • Support and drive business planning and growth initiatives
  • Support annual production forecasting and development of attainable annual growth goals
  • Accountable for agreed distribution sales goals, both revenue and CE goals
    • Manage distributor relationships
  • Deliver ABP and track results with quarterly reviews
  • Grow Sketchbook's mindshare and focus from distribution sales teams
  • Track rate of sale / inventory and support production planning
  • Work with distributors on ordering procedures and forecasting to inform production planning
  • Develop pre-sales plan for Seasonals and other RIS's to support production planning
  • Reinforce our product message and goals with distributor sales mtgs as appropriate
    • Own the Skokie Brewery finished goods in cooler
  • Track inventory including beer sold to each Taproom
  • Insure inventory on hand is enough to keep Distribution product in stock
  • Insure inventory on hand protects freshness and dates of beer in market
  • Use inventories and sales velocities to support production planning week to week
    • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Drive ongoing development and improvement of sales materials
  • Drive ongoing development and improvement of marketing messages and materials
    • Support the market
  • Support distribution partners with market work days in each territory
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key On Prem accounts
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key Off Prem and Chain accounts
  • Develop team of trained brand ambassador's for samplings, festivals and similar opportunities

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