Cellar Staff

Pinelands Brewing

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Cellar staff are responsible for cold side activities in the brewhouse, including but not limited to:

- Transfers to fermentor/brite

- Carbonation

- Packaging

- Cleaning and sanitizing

In addition cellar staff will be called on for miscellaneous activities including assisting during the brew day.  Ideal candidate would be a self starter with the ability to maintain their own work schedule and adapt as needed.  This is a key player in the production of beer and integral to the workings of our operation. 

Additional requirements:

  • Perform basic maintenance tasks on various brewhouse equipment
  • Ability to meet production needs.
  • Load and unload materials for delivery
  • Ability to lift 55 lbs. from ground
  • Ability to move 165 lbs. of kegged beer
  • Physically capable of working in confined spaces, in, around, and under equipment as necessary
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