Pretoria Fields Brewery

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  • Must have a deep understanding of brewing philosophy
  • At least two years of brewing experience
  • Production scheduling, brewing, cellaring and packaging operations.
  • Packaging of kegs, operate canning line, (WGC 600) and small run bottling.
  • Recipe development; ability to create recipes on a 30 bbl. System.
  • Manage and re-create current recipes with precision.
  • Manage and continue to develop barrel program.
  • Maintaining pilot system to create new products.
  • Maintenance and organization of all brewing and packaging records.
  • Use online management software, (Ekos).
  • Yeast management, including cropping, starters, pitch rates, cell counts, generation tracking.
  • Manage cellar operations including, tank transfers, and sanitation of all brewery components.
  • Equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and good problem-solving skills.
  • Coordinate operations with sales force and distribution forecasts by working directly with the management teams.
  • Create team collaborative environment with brewery, sales, and taproom employees.
  • Continuing education with brewery and sales team to stay current with consumer trends and new brewing processes.
  • Work with chemicals and willingness to adhere to safety, environmental and brew-house standards at all times.
  • Work with marketing and sales team on label design and content.
  • Maintain clean and consumer friendly brewery at all times.
  • Scheduling distributor delivers and ensure on time delivery.
  • All other Pertinent assigned Duties.
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