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Company Overview:

Western Collective is the fastest growing brewery in Boise. Born in late 2018, they have been named in the top 3 breweries in Boise in 2 years consecutively since launch. Always focused on innovation, they have brewed 58 beers since launch and are on track to brew between 2500 and 3000 barrels in 2020. We work on a Two-Vessel 15 Barrel Direct Fire System from Premier Stainless and have 7x30 and 2x60 bbl fermenters. We package on a CODI CCL-45 Counter Pressure filler canning line. We self distribute throughout the Southwestern portion of the State and have some out of state distribution with a specific label.

Job Overview:

Western Collective is seeking an innovation brewer to join the team here in Boise. This role will be split
50/50 between production brewing and working on innovation -- managing recipe development of both beer and other specialty beverages. This brewer will be responsible for building our pilot system and the program to help develop product innovation, and be responsible for managing new products through the production cycle and making sure they are properly packaged and released. This position also includes operation of our 15 bbl brewhouse and all equipment involved to produce and package a variety of beer and non beer styles in adherence to Western Collective’s process, quality, and safety standards. This job will report directly to the owner.

Job Description:

- Lead the innovation program of both beer and non beer products, whether alcoholic or not
(mostly beer)

- Manage recipe development and raw material needs for new products
- Manage timelines for product release
- Take ownership of new products from start to finish, prior to brewing through educating tap room staff and sales staff
- Leads and manages collaboration program
- Build specialty programs that are maintained yearly such as sour, barrel aged, etc
- Work to incorporate world class raw materials and adjuncts into recipes in ways that allow product to best shine
- Duties include, but are not limited to, all requisite duties for hot- and cold-side brewery operations:
- Malt handling and brewhouse processes
- Fermentation monitoring
- Wort & beer transfer
- Yeast pitching/health management
- Manual cleaning
- Basic brewery equipment maintenance
- Raw material and finished product handling (Forklift and other equipment operation to warehouse and load/unload trucks)
- Monitor gravities, temperatures, DO, off flavors and carbonations daily
- Perform FV and BBT CIP’s while maintaining our quality focused SOP’s
- Communicate regularly and effectively with Western Collective Brewing staff
- Arrive to each shift on time with a positive attitude
- Assist other departments when necessary


· Ability to work well in a team environment

Innovation Brewer // Western Collective

· Absolute passion for brewing and beer

· 2+ years of experience in specialty brewing

· Quality-minded professional who always strives to improve

· Safety conscious

· Strong communication skills both verbal and written

· Team player with appreciation for combining efforts with others to achieve a common goal.

· Comprehensive understanding of brewing science, brewhouse, and cellar operations

· Standing up to 10 hours per shift

· Ability to lift 55 pounds repetitively

· Able to maneuver up to 155-lb kegs of beer using appropriate techniques and tool

· Able to work in a production environment where noise level is usually moderate to loud and warehouse temperature fluctuates according to weather

· Able to twist, turn, lift materials up to 50-lbs(ie, 30-lb cases of beer, 50-lb bags of malt

· Ability to work a rotating schedule, including morning/mid/evening shifts

· Forklift certified

· Flexible schedule

Innovation Brewer // Western Collective

Applying: Email with your resume and a cover letter answering the following questions:

What are you looking for in a brewing program?

What is your favorite style of beer to brew and why?

If from Idaho, What do you believe is specifically missing from the beer scene that you are interested in exploring further?

What are your feelings on non beer beverages and how interested are you in working with them? If so, is there any specific non beer innovation that you are interested in?

Our brand mission is "A collective of fiercely unique experiences that cultivates the spirit of the west”, and is built for the adventurous, risk takers, leaders and those who value experience.

- How do you believe that should affect the direction of our beverage program?

We are willing to flip the script to create a major change in the beer industry, and to evolve it to be radically inclusive. We set our standards high for our brands and experiences. We source local when possible, and are willing to branch out in order to not sacrifice on the quality of the product.

- Are there decisive moments that you spoke up in order to ensure the program you were part of was creating a high quality experience and you were worried that the focus was on the right components to get you there? If so, share that experience.

- Is there a moment that you reflect back on where you did not speak up and you wish you would have? What was that moment and what do you expect speaking up would have accomplished or changed for the product or yourself personally?

Our core values reflect our culture well, they are listed below with a blurb about how we interpret them.
We are not micro managers and expect people who join our team to be self disciplined and capable of achieving them without a lot of day to day directive.

- Please tell us whether you believe these values align with your personality and how a focus on these as a big picture will make you successful at Western Collective in an environment focused on outcomes.

Experience - We create a depth in community that is welcoming and makes people feel connected
Individualism - We want to empower our audience to embrace their authentic selves
Leadership - We are rooted in adventure and ready to blaze our own trail in our industry
Quality - We believe in working with the best brands and producing the highest quality products possible

What is one beer you have always wanted to create and why?

If we told you that you have “unlimited resources” for creating a recipe, what beer would you want to make, what would you want it to accomplish for our beer program, and why?

If we told you that we need you to be “scrappy” for creating a recipe, what are some creative ideas you have to save money but not cut quality for creating a beer?

What are your favorite and most unique ways you’ve sourced raw materials for innovation prior?

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