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Brewery in Raleigh, NC

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Brewery in Raleigh, NC seeks a Head Brewer who will report to the brewery owner and be responsible for day-to-day operations of the brewery including active roles in recipe development, procurement and management of raw materials, brewing, cellaring, packaging, cleaning, and quality management. 

Candidates should share the owner’s commitment to safety, experimentation, and the drive to create and maintain a successful and diverse portfolio of high quality beers. Ideal candidates would be a long-term partner seeking to grow along with the company. The brewery is currently under construction but seeks to hire a Head Brewer now to help us hit the ground running when we open later this year. 


  • Raw materials receipt, storage and retrieval for brewing

  • Milling up to approximately 1,500 pounds in 50-55-pound bag increments, in accordance with a brew sheet

  • Wort production and hopping on 15 Bbl brewhouse

  • Completing and maintaining brew logs for each session and communicating deviations from stated targets for criteria such as mash pH, mash temp, liquor:grist ratio, OG, fermenter volume/temp

  • Safely removing spent grain from mash/lauter tun

  • Adding recipe-specific amount of dry hops to designated fermenters via the top port of the tank

  • Yeast management, including the harvesting and/or pitching of yeast from fermenter/brink while always following strict sanitary procedures

  • Following established procedures to clean the brewhouse, fermenting and brite tanks

  • Adhering to safe practices when handling cleaning chemicals and adding correct amounts as needed for cleaning tasks

  • Transferring beer from fermenter to brite tank in a sanitary manner while maintaining balanced pressure

  • Applying the correct pressure and volume of compressed CO2 gas to brite tanks for carbonation and displacement of beer as it is being packaged

  • Filling/emptying of kegs, barrels, metal/wooden casks, etc

  • Moving pallets of packaged beer to appropriate storage locations

  • General cleaning of brewery surfaces

  • Logging gravity checks, cell counts, sensory sampling, yeast dumps and pH checks on product

  • Maintain beer sample library

  • Perform quality assurance checks on incoming raw materials and packaging supplies

  • Ensure lab equipment is well maintained

  • Thorough understanding of all brewhouse operations, vessels, and CIP

  • CLT/HLT troubleshooting, boiler troubleshooting, water management

  • Willingness to represent the brewery at beer festivals, tap takeovers, and other brewery events

  • Be a team player and able to interact with all levels within the organization

  • Adhere to all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules, and regulations

  • Other tasks may be assigned as needed

Required qualifications

- Genuine passion and interest for the craft beer industry
- Interest in joining a brand new brewery and helping shape its future
- Flexible schedule availability that may include evening/weekend hours
- Strong team player but able to excel independently
- Ability to obtain forklift certification
- Comfortable using a computer/tablet and able to utilize programs such as MS Office (Word, Excel, etc) as well as web-based office tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc
- Attention to detail
- Able to maintain high functionality under pressure
- Ability to multi-task
- Self-starter who’s able to initiate new projects amidst the ebb and flow of brewery production

Ideal candidates will also have the following:

- Formal brewing education
- Mechanical inclination
- 3-4 years professional brewing experience
- 1-2 years managerial experience

Physical requirements

- Ability to stand for long periods of time
- Ability to stoop, crawl, twist, turn, lift, kneel, climb ladders and stairs
- Ability to regularly lift and carry 44 pound boxes
- Ability to regularly lift and carry 55 pound grain bags above waist level
- Ability to lift/move up to 165 pounds with appropriate equipment and/or assistance
- Ability to safely handle and use chemicals related to brewery operations and to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
- Ability to work in an environment where noise, temperature, and humidity levels may vary
- Strong sensory abilities

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience and a chance to join a start-up brewery and help shape its future growth. Ideal candidates would be a long-term partner seeking to grow along with the company. You should have comfort and interest in brewing a wide variety of styles with a focus on quality. 

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