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Rejects Beer Company overview


            Rejects Beer Company is a boutique, retail focused new craft brewery located in Middletown, RI. We focus on modern beer styles such as IPA, fruit, and sour beers as well as session ales and lagers. We strive to provide guests with a small, well curated, selection of top-quality beers, unique merchandise and a counterculture vibe in our unique waterfront facility.


Rejects Beer Co takes its name from the local’s favorite “Reject’s Beach” named adequately after its popularity for being free and accessible to the middle to lower class, and where those with lesser means or aspirations would go to hang. Oftentimes these were young industry staff, college kids, skateboarders, surfers, all of whom were deemed “rejects” to society, the norm, or the upper class that inhibited the mansions or private beaches of the area.


With this theme in mind, we embrace the idea that many counterculture and fridge society activities thrived in while being considered anything but normal. We work to make creative and unique beer that celebrates the things we love most in life and that has been our passions throughout our own.


We are seeking a head brewer that is passionate about creating quality beer, innovative, hardworking and looking to grow with a young and hungry company.  A love of underground music, skate culture, surfing or cult films would make you right at home with our passions but are by no means qualifications. We are seeking a head brewer to run day to day brewing operations as part of our team. We are working with a consultant who will provide training and guidance to our head brewer through the first year of operations as needed. The Ideal candidate will have at least two years of experience working in a production brewery or brewpub, and who is familiar with all aspects of draft beer production from grain to glass as well as working with mobile canners. The Brewer is expected to gain a knowledge of quality packaging processes and become familiar with the operation of inline canners.


Our Brewhouse is a brand new Specific Mechanical 7bbl combi. with both hot and cold liquor tanks. Our cellar consists of 3 7BBL FV’s, 2 15bbl FV’s, 1 15bbl jacketed brite, and 8 7bbl serving tanks. Beer will mainly be served out of serving tanks and cans, with very minimal keg sales.


Job Description and Responsibilities: Head Brewer

            The Head Brewer is responsible for general beer side operations of the brewery working with our team, including but not limited to the following:



  • Wort production and management of fermentation
  • all cellar work (CIP, Co2 purge, packaging, and draft dispense maintenance and cleaning)
  • Maintaining a clean, well organized facility

Mechanical maintenance of brewing equipment

  • Head brewer is expected to have a general understanding of mechanical operations of pumps, refrigeration equipment, glycol systems, air compressors, gas regulators, etc.
  • Basic maintenance (pump seals, glycol concentration, solenoids, etc.) is expected to be performed by brewer
  • More specialized maintenance (refrigeration, kettle burner adjustment, electrical issues) will be performed by licensed contractors. Brewer should be engaged in diagnosis and repair processes in order to better understand and maintain equipment

Draft Dispense and cleaning

  • Draft lines are to be cleaned regularly as required by law
  • Brewer should be familiar with general concepts of draft dispense (pressure, temperature, proper carbonation, etc.)

Raw materials and inventory

  • Head brewer will maintain inventory of raw materials, deal with vendors, plan and schedule brewing and mobile canning days.

    Training and Events

  • Head brewer will work with FOH staff to train proper pouring, glassware, and sensory analysis of different beers
  • Head brewer will be available for brewery events including: beer dinners, festivals, a few wholesale account visits, etc.


  • Head brewer is expected to engage with guests in tap room when approached or when otherwise appropriate
  • Head brewer is expected to act professionally when in tap room or otherwise representing the Rejects brand. Excessive alcohol consumption on site or at events will not be tolerated.

This position can be physically demanding with long hours at times. Candidates should be aware and capable of:

• some light office work for invoice submission and production record keeping
• Ability to perform the essential functions of the job such as operating production and packaging equipment and operating a pallet jack
• The duties and responsibilities are generally performed in a brewery environment 
• The position generally involves continuous standing, frequent walking, moderate to heavy lifting, moderate to heavy carrying, frequent bending and reaching, frequent climbing of stairs and ladders, and in-person communication



Benefits and compensation:

Position is salaried plus benefits with production, quality control & cost based quarterly bonus incentives and a yearly rate based upon experience.  Plenty of opportunity for growth. The position would as of now begin at some point in June to be part of the system install, but we will obviously plan our opening date closer to once we see how RI has fared in this pandemic.  Please send a cover letter and resume to


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