Canning Line and Brewery Equipment Manager

Fieldwork Brewing Company

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Location: Berkeley California
Company: Fieldwork Brewing Company
Position: Canning Line and Brewery Equipment Manager
Compensation: DOE
Start Date: May 2020

About The Job:
After 5 years of sustained growth we are now looking for someone to help maintain what we have built and ensure the quality of operation of our brand new Wild Goose canning line along with mechanical components in the greater brewery. We are currently running our canning line about 10 hours a day but as Shelter In Place restrictions loosen and we return to packaging the majority of beer in kegs to service all of our draft-heavy locations and this role will pick up the slack by helping us maintain other important equipment and make sure we are hitting all necessary servicing and repairs.
  • Manage canning runs
  • Maintain Wild Goose canning line
  • Manage bottling runs
  • Maintain Meheen bottling line
  • Packaging line CIP
  • Taking D.O. readings and T.P.O. measurements
  • Manage packaging materials inventory
  • Maintain and service brewery equipment intermittently
  • Repair and service our Crowler machines (we have 10… uggggggg…)
  • Help maintain maintenance calendar for brewery components and repair and replace various items as necessary

About You:
Have experience not just running a Wild Goose canning line but also have experience troubleshooting, repairing, and successfully packaging troublesome beers in a low D.O. and high quality environment. You should also:
  • Have high mechanical aptitude
  • Basic understanding of brewery equipment and processes
  • Willingness to learn new aspects of a brewery outside of just packaging
  • Be highly organized and great at maintaining a schedule
  • Work well in a high stress team environment
  • Be able to lift and move 50+ pounds, work in a hot and humid environment, etc.
  • Be able to fix problems, not just point them out

What This Job Isn't:
A brewehouse position; while many out there often equate the glamour of working in a brewery to being on the actual brewhouse, we are looking for that person who sees the importance in the sum of all of the brewery parts. The person who wants to know how each different pump, regulator, vfd, and flowmeter works inside and out and can conduct our tool cabinet like an orchestra.

To Apply:
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