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JuneShine is looking for two Full-Time Brewers + a Packaging Technician! 
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BREWER: Join the team that puts the shine in JuneShine. The brewing team is the heart and soul of our company, always working to make sure our kombucha is the most sippable. We're looking for someone local to San Diego, with a year of brewing experience who can help with everything from hot side brewing, to SCOBY management, to yeast pitching, to packaging, to tank CIP. 

PACKAGING TECHNICIAN: The Packaging Technician reports to the Packaging Manager and is responsible for all aspects of product packaging including but not limited to: Loading empty cans onto depalletizer, Offloading and palletizing finished cans, Washing and filling kegs, Organizing and cleaning packaging areas, Operating and cleaning packaging equipment, Maintaining accurate production documentation

You should also be stoked to support our purpose of brewing honest alcohol for a healthier planet and excited to join a fast-paced, employee-owned, disruptive startup. We value every role and want each employee to grow as we grow. We hire the hungry, but we offer a Let My People Go Surfing policy: flexible hours that allow employees to spend time doing what they love, both at work and outside, fostering stoke and creativity.

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About This Role:https://www.juneshine.co/team

About JuneShine:
We started JuneShine less than two years ago to create honest alcohol for a healthier planet and have quickly become the national category leader in Organic Hard Kombucha. It’s our goal to grow as quickly as possible without sacrificing 1. quality of our product and 2. quality of our culture. We do have some non-traditional elements in our culture based on Patagonia's ‘Let My People Go Surfing’ philosophy. We allow workers flexible hours, provided the work gets done with no negative impact on others. This policy demands that we hire very unique individuals; those with a combination of self-motivation, self-discipline, and passion.

JuneShine is an equal opportunity employer.


A little more about us:
• https://whalebonemag.com/people-juneshine-ranch/
• https://www.brewbound.com/news/junes...ranch-facility
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPRESM142IM
• https://www.instagram.com/juneshineco/?hl=en
• www.juneshine.co

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