Brewing Manager

Milwaukee Brewing Company

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The Brewing Manager is responsible for all Brewing and Cellar operations, to include:

  • Brewhouse Operations
  • Cellar Operations
    • Fermentation
    • Clarification
    • Flash Pasteurization
    • Sanitation
  • Personnel Training and Scheduling
  • Develops Schedules for Brewing and Packaging
  • Responsible for Material Planning and Weekly and Monthly Inventories.
  • Manages daily Orchestrated Beer Entries.
  • Participates in CAPEX planning & execution and process improvements.
  • Is the SAFETY Champion for the Department.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

This is a results orientated position with expectations of active participation with the entire brewery team.

Qualifications (One or a combination):

  • 4-year degree in Food Science, Management, Engineering, Biology or Chemistry or related fields preferred.
  • Formal Brewing School Training:
    • Siebel Long Course
    • UC Davis Master Brewers Program or equivalent.
    • Diploma or M.Brew, The Institute of Brewing and Distilling
    • Herriot Watt Post Graduate Certificate in Brewing
    • Completion of any number of 4-year brewing/fermentation programs; KUL, TUM, UC Davis, VLB, etc.
  • A minimum of 5 years industry experience. Experience at Regional and Large Breweries a plus.
  • Reports to the VP Operations.



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