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Let's get right to it: Why Kinship?

Kinship has been in the making for about two and a half years and targeted to open to the public in Summer/Fall of 2020. This date is real. It is important to point out that we have completed fundraising and have an established bank partner so funding is in place. We completely understand the hesitancy for a candidate to commit to a "start up" given the horror stories we've heard. The one where a head brewer commits only to find the true opening date is 12 months (or more) before operational and/or never opens because the owner(s) skipped over the necessary due diligence to realize the vision. That's not the case here. Thorough research and planning have been the forefront for the vision of Kinship. The planning team has consisted of a brewmaster consultant (12+ years of industry experience) who has been integral in the brewhouse layout, equipment design/selection and recipe refinement for the numerous events we have participated in to build our audience. It is important that we state; there is still plenty of opportunity to make YOUR mark with the Kinship Family.

About the Owners

When I (Zach Dobeck) sat down to plan the brewery in July of 2017, the most important thing to me was to ask myself, what makes Kinship different? Bear in mind, planning began in Atlanta, Georgia where I am from. Just like many breweries in planning, I have a passion not only for the industry but for what the industry represents; Community. I have been a long time fan of seeing how branding has an impact on customers and ultimately gravitate to breweries that have a story to tell. My wife, Ann, and I made the move to Waukee, Iowa to be closer to family and to embark on something I've been wanting to do for some time now. In addition to focusing on quality and consistency with our product, the other element that I feel is overlooked is experience. So to reinforce our vision, I started a property company so that we can 1) own the land the brewery sits on and 2) build the brewery the way it should be built; as a brewery. Grow into our space, and not out of it. Host events that celebrate community. And with 6 acres of land, on a local bike trail I might add, I truly feel we've put our best foot forward to make sure Kinship is different.

The Details

Kinship is seeking a creative, hardworking, and highly motivated individual to join our team. We are looking to fill the role of Head Brewer who will be responsible for building our brand and team. The right candidate will have an extensive background in the commercial production of beer, beer packaging, and quality control. As the head brewer, it will be YOUR discretion to decide if and when a beer is not to be sold to the public.

We are seeking a candidate who has a passion for excellence in everything they do. The right candidate will meet the following criteria.


  • Positive attitude and outgoing personality are a MUST. We seek to engage our guests and customers and have them be a part of our family! (We are "Kinship" Brewing after all)
  • At least 3 years experience in a packaging brewery working on a 15BBL or larger system
  • A degree or certification in brewing science is preferred but not required
  • Strong history of producing world class beers
  • Must have the ability to work alone and with others
  • Must have a strong working knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • History of team leadership roles and references
  • Ability to teach and lead others
  • Ability to start up and run a Lab QA/QC program
  • Strong mechanical background with experience in brewery equipment repairs


  • Designing recipes on our 10BBL pilot system and scaling them to be brewed 30BBL batches on our brand new 30BBL ABS Brewhouse
  • All aspects of cellar work - including Filtering, Centrifuging, CIP/SIP of fermentation, bright beer tanks and packaging equipment, dry hopping and fining in process beer, and racking and carbonating finished beer
  • Packaging processes including Kegging, Casking, Bottling, and Canning
  • Building and leading a team of asst. brewers
  • Build and manage a QA/QC program that includes yeast management, micro testing, water quality monitoring, dissolved oxygen tests, and package stability testing
  • Inventory selection and management including brewing materials and packaging materials
  • Engaging our guests and customers at festivals and events as well as our taproom
  • Clean (then clean some more)
  • Develop, write, and implement SOP's for every process
  • Maintain OSHA records
  • Assist management with TTB/DOR tax reporting
  • Maintain records of all batches
  • Maintenance of all brewery equipment including Boiler, Chiller, Air Compressor, and CO2 system as well as brewing, cellaring, and packaging equipment

Physical Demands

  • This position is extremely physical and demanding in nature and involves working with potentially dangerous equipment, machinery, exposure to high noise levels, and handling of hazardous materials.
  • Stands and/or traverses brewery for long periods of time.
  • Frequently climbs stairs/staircase.
  • Frequently bends, moves, transports, or lifts 60 pounds and move 165 pounds safely.
  • Use repetitive motions
  • Can work in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Can complete all of the above tasks with a positive attitude.


  • Based on Experience
  • 401k match (after 12 months of employment)
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • 3 Weeks Paid Time Off
  • 7 Days Sick leave

We hope the unorthodox approach to being transparent in the beginning of the job description is an indication to what we stand for. There is still plenty more to cover and are completely open to further dialogue once you submit your information.

Please submit Cover Letter and Resume to careers@kinshipbeer.com – We are looking forward to reviewing all possible candidates.

To learn more about Kinship - https://www.facebook.com/kinshipbeer

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