Membership Recruiter and Liaison

The Independent Brewers Alliance Purchasing Co-op

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Are you passionate about craft beer and knowledgeable about the industry? Are you in a position to stop in and visit craft breweries in your area, or as you travel? If so, we have an opportunity to significantly augment your income helping us recruit new craft brewery members for the Independent Brewers Alliance. 

We’re a cooperative of like-minded brewers who work together to save money on raw materials and operational expenses including cans and lids, chemicals, bottles, kegs, cartons, freight, office supplies, business insurance and more. We do it by leveraging the combined buying power of our member-brewers to negotiate long-term savings with leading industry suppliers.

We are aggressively seeking new members. The more we have the stronger we all become. And the more you help us, the greater the opportunity for you.  

The job has three parts. First, to call on potential new brewer-members, explain how the co-op can help them and encourage them to sign up as members. Second, to keep dropping by to give them updates on our newest savings programs. Third, to learn more about their challenges and needs and bring that back to us so we can serve them better. Like an Uber or Lyft driver, you are free to work when you want and make what you want. And the earnings potential is big.

Please contact me - Alex Resnik, Director of Marketing - to learn more about this unique opportunity to sit at bars and make money.   

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