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New Holland Brewing Company

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Reports to: Manager of Innovation


This is a full-time position covering all New Holland Brewing Company Pub locations. The Pub Brewstiller will be expected to successfully meet and undertake all the requirements and responsibilities listed below and do so while keeping to New Hollands core values. The Pub Brewstiller is expected to work autonomously a majority of the time while maintaining a schedule overseen by the Manager of Innovation.


  • Put safety first in all circumstances.
  • Lead day to day pub brewhouse and distillery operations.
  • Provide solutions, resources, and tools when called upon.
  • Foster a continuous improvement culture through the use of KPIs and 1 on 1 feedback with their supervisor.
  • Ensure that all beer and spirits are produced according to defined quality standards and specifications.
  • Meet production goals and standards while managing manufacturing costs.
  • Ensure safe production operation including enforcement of lockout tag out, PPE, operation of powered industrial equipment, machine guarding, facility order and cleanliness, hazardous material handling, etc.
  • Maintain accurate and appropriate levels of raw material inventory in Orchestrated Beer.
  • Conduct goods inventory on a monthly basis and update Orchestrated Beer.
  • On-call status during all hours of operation.
  • Ensure that all transactions are properly entered in a timely manner to Orchestrated Beer.
  • Keep accurate brewing and quality records during all steps of the brewing and distilling process and ensure data is accurate in Orchestrated beer
  • Update the production schedule to meet production deadlines and fulfillment.
  • Follow, improve upon and create brewpub SOP’s.
  • Ensure regular maintenance of tools and machines and troubleshoot when failing.
  • Schedule and source parts for tool and machine maintenance or repair using E-maintenance.
  • Work with the purchaser to acquire all raw materials for beer production at brewpubs.
  • Inspect draft cleanings for quality and completion.
  • Take micro and taste samples for analysis according to the New Holland Brewing analytical plan.
  • Keep the pubs supplied at all times with an interesting and innovative selection of beers and spirits
  • Adhere to pub brewing and distilling schedule for on-time pub releases.
  • Work with Manager of Innovation on developing new products.
  • Participate in trials for other New Holland products as needed.
  • Prepare for and attend promotional/educational events.
  • Conduct beer 101 classes and train pub staff and patrons on the brewing process.
  • Support New Holland Brewing Company’s vision, missions, and values.
  • Complete other duties as they are assigned.


What You Will Bring

Technical brewing knowledge including operational understanding of:

  • Brewhouse operation including but not limited to:
    • Mill and accompanying augur systems
    • Hot liquor tanks
    • Mash
    • Lauter
    • Kettle
    • Whirlpool
    • Heat exchanger
    • Brewing and packaging theory
    • Dangers in a brewery environment
  • Cellar operation including but not limited to:
    • Brewing vessel cleaning and sanitation
    • Fermentation
    • Yeast profiles
    • Dry hopping/spicing
    • Barrel aging
    • Filtration and separation systems
    • Carbonation of beer
  • Distilling operations including but not limited to:
    • Running distillations
    • Steeping and blending raw ingredients
    • Setting up and using pumps, hoses, valves and filtration systems
    • Fill and tip barrels
    • Proofing spirits
    • Blending and batching spirit
  • SAP programs
  • Sanitary food handling technique
  • Off flavors and how they are formed
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills with all organizational levels.
  • Able to lift at least 50 pounds from the floor to over the head repeatedly throughout a shift.
  • Able to work in environments of heat, cold, and humidity.
  • Ability to work in confined spaces when required.
  • Basic mechanical troubleshooting ability.
  • Must possess or pass a hi-low certification
  • Knowledge of PLCs and automated brewing processes.
  • Achievement or plans to obtain certification equivalent to IBD Diploma in Brewing or Distilling
  • Must be able to work any shift for employee issues, emergencies or to cover temporary needs.
  • 4-5 years of relevant experience and/or relevant college degree.
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