Malthouse Production Manager


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Malthouse Production Manager 

LINC Malt operates an up-and-coming malthouse in the Inland Northwest. A leader in the burgeoning craft malt supply chain, LINC Malt stands apart for its work with dynamic, source-identified grain varietals and its insistence on creating high-quality, compelling malts. As part of the LINC Cooperative, the Spokane-based malthouse builds direct relationships between its member farms and its brewer and distiller partners as it pursues growth, innovation and connectedness in the malting industry. 

The Malthouse Production Manager will provide hands-on leadership, with responsibility for the procurement, logistical and operational components of LINC’s two malting facilities. Working with the Head Maltster and production staff, this position will steward the effective production of top-tier craft malt. Collaborating with sales staff, the Production Manager will ensure production strategies support excellent customer experience. Working alongside the Cooperative’s administrative team, this position will drive integrated and efficient malthouse practices as one of the Cooperative’s several enterprises. 

Established at a critical juncture, this position will perform an essential role for the malthouse and the LINC Cooperative on the whole. Recently doubling in capacity, and aggressively pursuing additional expansion several times over that increase, the malthouse will depend on a Production Manager capable of developing and executing systems that balance growth, operational efficiency, and commitment to product quality and our partnerships. This position will play a central role in day-to-day role in malt production, and use that experience to help lead the malthouse’s growth and continual improvement.

We are seeking someone passionate about craft beer and spirits, and who is committed to supporting regional agriculture. A strong candidate will gravitate towards LINC Foods’ vision and mission, and values-driven enterprises generally. Our search will pursue a candidate ready to assume ownership over complex and important responsibilities, who also recognizes ultimate success in their work depends on the entire LINC team. 

We are a cooperatively-owned food systems enterprise where everyone rolls up their sleeves and pitches in. Success in this position will require an equal willingness to contribute to LINC’s strategic decision making and to its day-to-day grind. LINC sets itself apart by its commitment to product quality, customer experience, and our investment in our farmers. This position will live at the nexus of those commitments, and stands to support our fulfillment of each. 

Vision: We envision an Inland Northwest with a robust local food system, a vibrant ecosystem, and fair, fulfilling employment. 

Mission: Building a regional, sustainable food system by linking local farmers to new markets and ensuring the highest quality products for our customers through democratic enterprise. 

The Malthouse Production Manager will be responsible for the three core aspects of malt production: Procurement, Logistics, and Operations. Execution of each of these aspects will be led by this position, with collaboration from the Head Maltster, production staff, and sales and administrative colleagues. The focus of the Production Manager in each of these areas will be ensuring the systems, structures and staffing of malthouse activities are oriented towards reliably producing and distributing high-quality malt day in and day out.  

• Procurement. This position will be responsible for sourcing and inventory management of raw grain. This includes coordinating with growers both for crop planning, quality assessment, and product availability, as well as the ongoing logistics of procuring grain lots and managing inventory. 
• Logistics. This position will oversee every stage of grain handling and malt production occurring in the malthouse, from receiving grain, storage, the malting process itself, grain cleaning and packaging, order processing and overseeing outbound freight. 
• Operations. This position oversees the use, care, and application of all malthouse equipment, machinery and facilities. Essential equipment include a pair of two-vessel malting units, grain handling and packaging equipment, dust control apparatus, and general warehouse infrastructure. 

Skills/Experience/Character Desired:
• Experience with food and/or beverage manufacture at a commercial scale, especially malting, brewing or distilling 
• Experience with facilities/warehouse management
• General experience with equipment repair and maintenance
• Able to work in a fast-paced startup environment
• Able to work independently and collaborate with remote team members
• Passion and interest in agricultural systems and sustainability is a must
• Excellent ability to communicate and problem solve with teammates, suppliers and/or customers
• Able to execute tasks involving multiple variables while adapting to challenges in real time
• Experience with Quality Assurance/Assessment/Improvement tools and programs
• Strong time management skills
• Able to lift up to 70 pounds
• Have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license
• Experience with cooperatives, farming,  food hubs, etc. is beneficial

• Medical insurance paid by LINC
• This position is eligible for an ownership stake in the Cooperative following a one-year probationary period.   

To Apply:
Submit via email (
• A cover letter
• A resume covering relevant experience and skills
• Contact info for 3 relevant references

LINC is an equal opportunity employer. LINC prohibits any discrimination against any worker employee or applicant on the basis of race, sex, creed, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, political affiliation, age, disability, marital status or family responsibilities, sexual orientation or veteran status.

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