Tasting Room General Manager

Stoneface Brewing Company

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The primary role of the Tasting Room General Manager is to execute on senior management’s vision for the Stoneface brand experience. The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Tasting Room (FOH & BOH) as well as driving evangelism for the Stoneface brand.

Through internal initiatives and interactions with guests at the brewery, the Tasting Room Manager will be successful by creating a beer-centric, respectful and professional environment that highlights our high-quality products and people. This position is important to drive staff culture and ensure brand continuity throughout an overall positive customer experience.

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:



  • Day-to day operations of the Tasting Room
  • Ordering and maintaining beer and other inventories
  • Updating beer and food menus
  • Setting and managing Tasting Room staff schedules
  • Staffing and managing the merchandising desk
  • Maintaining a clean and safe Tasting Room environment
  • Maintaining a clean and properly operating draft system
  • Proactively identifying and resolving maintenance issues
  • Tracking and reporting of Tasting Room sales and marketing activities to senior management
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures (open, close, tour, maintenance, other tasks)
  • Working closely with the Marketing and Sales Departments
  • Generating content intended for social media



  • Hiring and retaining staff
  • Disciplinary duties, up to and including staff termination
  • SOP developments
  • Cleary communicating policies and company updates to Tasting Room staff
  • Maintaining a Beer Education program that empowers staff to deliver an enhanced guest experience
  • Coordinating and driving daily pre-meals; monthly staff meetings
  • Supervising Tasting Room Captains to ensure brand messaging is consistent and accurate
  • Creating and fostering an inclusive, respectful work environment


Customer Experience 

  • Work on the floor, talking with customers and helping with service as needed
  • Act as the public point of contact for guest issues and feedback
  • Funnel consumer feedback to senior management
  • Collaborate with leadership on activities that drive Tasting Room visitation and revenue
  • Create Tasting Room events that evangelize the Stoneface brand
  • Develop and oversee a tour program
  • Respond to relevant email and phone inquiries


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