Head Production Brewer

Northern Indiana Brewery

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We are a small Northern Indiana based Brewery that has been around for the past 10 years looking for a Head Production Brewer. We believe in bringing a solid experience to our consumers by using only the highest quality ingredients and surrounding ourselves with people who are as passionate about our product as we are. We work every day to improve our brewery technique to give our consumers what they want! The result is a line of fantastic hand-crafted brews that will match any mood you’re in, and enhance any occasion you’re celebrating. We are looking for someone who wants to have fun in a family environment while working hard to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Brewery Responsibilities would include but are not limited to:

  • Raw ingredient handling, all aspects of a brew day, transferring wort/beer, yeast handling, packaging, monitoring fermentations, etc.
  • Operate brewhouse with maximum attention to detail and accuracy (milling, mashing, lautering, proper gravities, etc.)
  • Yeast management (harvesting, pitching and counts/viabilities)
  • Tank management (gravity checks, trub dumps, and dry-hopping)
  • CIP and Sanitization on all vessels (fermenters, heat exchanger, mash tun, kettle, and bright beer tanks)
  • Mash tun cleaning including removal of spent grain
  • Troubleshooting, technical maintenance and by-the-letter adherence to SOP’s
  • Maintain an inventory of raw materials & brewery supplies
  • Ability to understand and pinch hit in cellar and packaging when needed
  • Organize production logs, inventory reports, packaging logs, invoices, hop contracts, etc.
  • Work and communicate well across all levels of a brewery operation (management, cellar, packaging, FOH, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Assist with the development of our QA/QC program
  • Maintain brewery equipment as well as general facility
  • All other duties as assign

Job Requirements & Responsibilities

  • Minimum 5 years experience working as a professional brewer on a commercial system.
  • 2 years working in a barrel/cellar program a plus.
  • Strong understanding of mixed cultures, wild fermentation, solera method, yeast propagation, harvesting local microbes, etc.
  • Experience with quality control procedures and testing.
  • Establishing and monitoring SOPs.
  • Ensure safety protocols are observed.
  • Solid Educational background, preferably in Microbiology or Brewing Science a plus
  • Passion for the style of beers we brew (Lagers, Sours, Porter, fruited sours, Pilsner, NEIPAs, Stouts). Sensory skills relating to these styles particularly.
  • Creative input on recipe development and a consistent desire to learn new techniques and technologies.
  • Willingness to train other brewery staff, sales staff, retail staff, etc.
  • Solid Mechanical skills as it relates to canning line, brewing equip, chillers, boilers, pumps, etc.
  • Inventory & Production management; basic reporting & scheduling skills.
  • Represent brewery at public tastings, events, and festivals.
  • Positive attitude in general.
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