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Master Brewer

New England Area

SMV Recruiting, LLC has a great client in New England who is looking for a Master Brewer.  Our client is an awesome brewery, that has a great reputation and is growing rapidly and gaining name recognition across the country.  They are known for the New England IPA and awesome innovative/cutting edge craft brews. They currently making about 35,000 barrels of beer a year and are looking to grow that to 50,000 by 2020 and have a national footprint! They want someone who can take them to the next level, who has a strong background in operations/ streamlining processes and someone who will take initiative and drive new opportunity. This is a leadership role and will report directly to the executive team. If you are looking for a company that is nimble, fast paced, growing and looking to take their product to the next level, this role is for you.

Who are you?

You are someone who has learned valuable lessons along your career and can instill them in your team (aka like triple checking every process). You are someone who constantly looks at your hose connections, configurations, water temperatures, chemicals and all parameters and setpoints to make sure things are running & being done right. You get it. You have learned it's hard to make a mistake if you take the time to look at everything 2-3 times before you start a process and again once it’s running. Ideally you will still have strong relationships with your professors and other experts in the field so you can bounce new ideas, processes and techniques around with. You have learned the importance of quality, consistency, and stability- the holy trinity of production. You know there is always more to learn and are never complacent with current practices and processes.

You are willing to take risks with using new ingredients, be it malt, hops, different yeasts, or other non-traditional adjuncts. You know the importance of always having a diverse portfolio of drinkable but unique beers and have a passion for them. You have made a variety of beers at low-, mid-, and high-alcohol ranges, both malt- and hop-forward and sour and other alternate and exotic options. You never want to settle on brewing only one beer style well, instead you strive to always have something for everyone to enjoy. You remain diverse and keep experimenting, while staying focus on the task at hand.  You learn and design through innovation and experimentation. And most importantly... you don't just follow trends, you set them. 


  • Oversee all brewery operations: brewery, cellar, packaging and quality control
  • Oversee recipe creations and modifications
  • Can combine the science of brewing with the artistry of craft beer to create great beers and tweak current recipes
  • Ability to institute world class brewing processes to ensure brewhouse efficiency, quality and consistency
  • Establish KPI’s around processes & setting production goals
  • Handle new product development, provision of timelines, optimization of production protocols and refinement of processes
  • Design reporting, tracking, benchmarking and production schedules
  • Handle performance trends analyses
  • Oversee production staffing, performance management, safety, hygiene and quality of the brewery operation
  • Promote a safe working environment for employees by maintaining the facility
  • Enforce adherence to safe work practices
  • Expand the company’s quality program and practices with regards to beer production
  • Ensure compliance standards are consistently met or exceeded
  • Ensure production goals are met while working closely with the leadership team
  • Collaborate on all production activities and create schedules to meet sales forecasts and demands
  • Monitor and continuously improve brewing operations with regards to safety, quality, efficiency, cost optimization and profitability
  • Develop and implement long & short-term planning goals and corrective action plans
  • Translate the overall business strategy into operational goals and objectives for the brewery
  • Deploy staff to standardize procedures and protocols and ensure they are being met
  • Oversee the operation and improvement of systems that produce the company’s products
  • Assess equipment purchases and major expenditures to maximize benefit
  • Work with accounting to review appropriate financial statements, sales and activity reports and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement
  • Identify and rectify areas for cost reduction and program improvement
  • Be a champion for the company in the brewing community
  • Provide confidential analyses via spreadsheet when assigned
  • Participate in designing competitive bids related to ongoing contracts with key brewing inputs


  • Minimum of 10 years of progressive brewery experience and minimum of 4 years in a supervisory role at a brewery
  • Degree from an accredited brewing institution
  • BA / BS in Chemistry &/or Biology, Business, Management, Operations Research, Engineering or Food Science is preferred
  • Proven knowledge of the craft beer and brewing industry
  • Successful track record of designing award winning IPAs and other craft brews
  • Ability to identify product deficiencies (color, aroma, taste)
  • Have a mix of large (100K> barrels) and small craft breweries (<10K barrels)
  • Experience purchasing raw ingredients and evaluating the quality of those ingredients, working with suppliers
  • Exceptional analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Must be quality focused and detail oriented
  • Excellent leadership skills with the proven ability to lead and motivate a team and maintain a positive workplace culture
  • Ability to develop and manage productive relationships with staff members.
  • A strong understanding of process controls
  • An understanding of laboratory operations / quality control procedures
  • Extensive knowledge of industry compliance standards: including but not limited to OSHA and safety standards, government regulatory programs, like HACCP, GMP, and production management systems.
  • Strong planning and organizational skills
  • A strong work ethic and the ability to multi-task, prioritize and adapt to changing situations
  • This position requires proper handling of hazardous materials and operation of complex moving machinery
  • Thick skinned, direct, respectful, adaptable and innovative
  • Ideally an award-winning brewer
  • Start-up experience a plus
  • Experience with identifying cost cutting and time savings/creating efficiencies 
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