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The Sales Representative’s main purpose is to build our brand, develop and grow our sales and assist our retailers and distributors in educating their staff and customers about our beers and building strong, long-term relationships with our retail partners (both on and off premise) and with the end consumer (both craft beer savvy and not). Second only to our handcrafted beer, you will be the best way for the world to understand who DESTIHL Brewery is as a company. This position reports directly to the Territory Sales Manager.


  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Bachelor’s degree or high school degree combined with a minimum of two (2) years relevant experience; working knowledge of local markets. 
  • Craft Beer or Wine or Specialty Sales/Restaurant/Bartending/Hospitality/Retail/Marketing experience. 
  • Certified Cicerone® certification or similar beer training. Must have the ability to educate people from all levels of knowledge on the merits of craft brewing and especially DESTIHL beers. 
  • Valid driver’s license, a registered, reliable and insured vehicle, and ability to drive between assigned accounts.
  • Must have all applicable and current registrations and/or licenses required by any and all State and other governmental agencies to be a brewery representative. 

Typical Schedule

Sales Reps work full time, including early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays.  At some level, this has to be a lifestyle and not a nine to five commitment.  Many days are spent on the road and on the phone because that is what our business requires to oversee our products.  A five-day workweek is typical with some variations in the start and end time to better allow for accounts’ business flow throughout several shifts. 

Duties & Tasks

  • Ensure the implementation of all sales and marketing programs for the entire portfolio.
  • Motivate distributor sales force to develop, implement and achieve sales goals and objectives.
  • Focus on selling beers and/or upgrading the number of beer lines in retail accounts (bars/restaurants, liquor/grocery stores).
  • Work with our distributors to build and place orders and pre-orders and monitor fulfillment of such orders and communicate and coordinate such orders with the Brewery staff. 
  • Work with retailers to pull sales through our distributors and monitor the fulfillment of such sales.
  • Identify accounts that are not being penetrated with our beers and develop a plan to establish business with such accounts.
  • Ensure proper merchandizing of on and off-premise accounts.
  • Develop and maintain close relationships with key accounts both on and off-premise.
  • Work with local distributors to increase brand awareness and consumption.
  • Be responsible for the allocation and use of point-of-sale materials.
  • Collect data (e.g. pricing, depletion reports, account lists, distribution) as required, and submit such reports required for the sales division, and otherwise track and monitor progress in all identified commercial accounts.
  • Operate effectively within corporate and budgetary guidelines and sales goals.
  • Observe all local, state and federal laws pertaining to the sale, merchandising and promotion of malt beverages.
  • Serve as the principal representative of our brewery in your assigned territory, and as such, you will be the face and contact person of DESTIHL in such territory.
  • Help DESTIHL achieve sales goals by building our brand and supporting our distributors and retailers.
  • Create and maintain strong, long-term relationships with distributors, retailers and consumers.
  • Educate sales staff at both distributor and retail levels and educate consumers to continue building our market.
  • Perform ongoing quality control of beer outside of the brewery. The ability to spot poor beer rotation, dated or damaged product, proper line cleaning protocols and evaluation of overall draft systems performance is crucial.
  • Be able to demonstrate strong retail and wholesale oriented math skills, understanding of gross profit, gross margin, pricing strategies, and discounting structures will be necessary.
  • Develop, plan, research, test and prepare new and revised sales, branding and marketing techniques and special events that are complimentary to and in ever-progressive advancement of the company’s concept, theme, culture and plans; generally protect and build brand integrity; and, ensure that any and all products being meets or exceeds those same standards prior to being served or sold.
  • Communicate with the Brewery staff all anticipated, upcoming or actual beer orders, inventory needs, surpluses or shortages, consumer demand, product allocation needs, consumer compliments or complaints, returned product and anything else relevant to production or quality of our beer.
  • Effectively help train, develop and delegate such other tasks and duties to any beer festival staff, and as possible, monitor and report problems or successes noticed of such staff promptly.
  • Help staff, organize and execute DESTIHL’s participation at beer festivals, educational events, DESTIHL ‘tap takeovers’ or other retailer or promotional events, distributor trade shows and any other events worthy of our participation.
  • Attend meetings with distributors to discuss our beers, branding, sales goals or methods, new product launch plans, logistics, marketing\POS, etc.
  • Perform such other tasks and duties as may be assigned by the Sales Manager, Brewmaster, COO and/or CEO. 
  • Additional Required Skills & Abilities

    • Hospitality: Serve as a brand role model and set the standard to maintain high-quality and consistent service to our customers and guests. This requires an advanced knowledge of industry best practices and service. 
    • Communication: Must show tact, respect and a commitment to details, both verbally and non-verbally and both product and process; encourage cooperative and consistent levels of communication with brewery staff, sales staff, corporate and other management staff and our accounts, distributors and customers; understand instructions and policies; read and write company memorandums; and, communicate with little or no additional direction. 
    • Interpersonal Relationships: Must respect and adapt to different personalities of accounts, vendors, distributors, investors and coworkers without losing focus and must possess the highest professional ethics and avoid extreme familiarity, patronage or conflicts with others. Must have good, strong judgment and professional maturity. 
    • Work Ethic: Must be self-motivated with an ability to work with limited amount of direction; ability to work both independently and within a team to accomplish goals. Must have a strong work ethic; demonstrated ability to plan and manage multiple responsibilities and a strong sense of urgency and commitment. Effectively delegate appropriate time to tasks and manage workloads while maintaining oversight and control of the same. 
    • Problem Solving, Quality Control and Priority Assessment: Evaluate current practices, policies and processes; immediately recognize and report to key management as appropriate any potential problems and areas of conflict or potential improvement; and suggest ways to improve current business methods, quality of products and services. 
    • Conflict management: Must anticipate and recognize problems when they arise and be able to resolve them appropriately by using good judgment, tact and initiative according to company policies and procedures. Major problems must be reported to the COO and/or CEO. Often must use unbiased mediation skills to handle and negotiate all types of conflicts that will occur at all levels and handle effectively. 
    • Information Gathering: Must identify and utilize internal and external sources to improve and maintain the company’s objectives. 
    • Sales Techniques and Influence: Must understand our products and service, develop new prospects for opportunity and understand account needs clearly. Must also possess substantial experience and remain current in state-of-the-art sales methods. Must set and meet or exceed sales goals. 
    • Performing General Physical Activities: Must occasionally perform physical activities in a variety of environmental conditions that require moderate to maximum strength including sitting, climbing, lifting, balancing, walking and handling of materials. 
    • Analytical Skills: Must use logic and reason to identify problems, solutions and alternatives for a successful outcome in many situations, including cost/benefit analysis; service and product quality; and conflict resolution. 
    • Technical Skills: Must have experience and knowledge of budget analysis methods, accounting skills and sales skills. 
    • Flexibility: Must be flexible with hours, work overtime or long hours when needed, work regularly at peak times and assist the workload of others. Must be willing to travel overnight and have a good driving record.

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