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Mass. Bay Brewing Company

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Dear Interested Party, 

We haven’t had many opportunities like the one we have right now for someone to become a key member of the senior team here at Mass. Bay. In fact, this will be the most important external hire we have ever made.

I am writing this personal letter because the person we select to fill this role will work very closely with me and given the way we run our business, become a good friend in short order.

I am looking for someone to be the maestro of our brands, to be the creative force behind our marketing efforts, to lead from the front, and to contribute from day one as a seasoned, thoughtful senior executive. I am not looking for someone who just checks all the boxes as a marketing professional. We have never been about box-checking at Mass. Bay.

We founded the company to not only make great beer and change American brewing, but also because we didn’t want to work in big, soulless companies. We have a bit of a missionary streak about us. This all started back in the 80’s when all the beer in the U.S. was bland yellow lagers, and our mission was to make great beer and educate people about the wonders of various beer styles and traditions. 

We have been focused on our culture since before it was a term used in business. Our approach to running Mass. Bay is described most clearly in our Case of Fundamentals, 24 behaviors that govern the way we treat each other, our customers, vendors and friends. We’re a tight, fun group of people who like to work hard and really enjoy each other’s company. Ask me to tell you some stories from our Annual Employee Beer Culture Trip to Europe. These began in 1999 and have been going strong ever since. Best way to get to know us is to come to the Beer Hall, Riverbend Taps, or one of our Festivals. You’ll get a sense of what we’re like by interacting with one of my fellow employee-owners.

Employee ownership is central to who we are as well. While we will never stop making great beer, we have deepened our mission now to include the values of employee ownership. At a time when income inequality is a problem and consumers are misled about who owns what brands and where they are made, we have put a stake in the ground for inclusiveness, honesty, independence and being part of this journey together.

We have grown from being the Harpoon Brewery to now brewing and selling five brands: Harpoon, UFO, Clown Shoes, Arctic Summer and City Roots.


Harpoon: Love Beer. Love Life.

UFO: Flavor Adventures Departing Daily

Clown Shoes: Great Beer Without Pretension While Being Free and a Little Crazy

Arctic Summer: Boozy Bubbles Crafted with Polar Seltzer

City Roots: TBD (City Roots is a re-branding of Harpoon Cider, launching soon)


Your job will be to manage the marketing efforts for all five of these great brands, two of them created this year. It’s a very exciting time at our business and I want to work alongside someone that shares both this passion and excitement. As I said, this is the most important external hire we have ever made.

So, if you are a highly-motivated, hard-working, curious, fun, good person with a record of leadership and accomplishment in managing people and brands, I would be honored if you would apply to join us as our Chief Marketing Officer (link below which includes a full job description).



Dan Kenary

CEO and Co-Founder

Mass. Bay Brewing Company, Inc.

Boston MA & Windsor VT

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