Brewer Trainee and Cellarmen

Down the Road Beer Company

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Down the Road Beer Company seeks an assistant brewer/cellarman to help with all facets of the brewing process from receiving and milling grain to carbonation and packaging of finished beer. Cellar work including cleaning fermenters, transferring beer, quality assurance testing, dry hopping, and yeast harvest and pitching as well as wort production in the brewhouse and on the pilot system will be the primary functions of this position. Other functions include helping with occasional packaging/warehouse work.


  • 1+ years working in a brewery, winery, or distillery strongly preferred.

  • High School diploma or GED equivalency

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Ability to simultaneously perform multiple tasks/ procedures.

  • Ability to communicate and work effectively in a team setting and individually.

  • Must comprehend and adhere to safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, procedure manuals and product recipes/material identifications.

  • Must be able to effectively communicate in English

  • Must have manual dexterity sufficient to operate a wide variety of small hand tools, and computer equipment.

  • Enthusiasm and strong personal knowledge of the microbrewery industry and market is preferred

  • Ability to work well with superiors and co-workers in a production and office/warehouse environment

  • Ability to change tasks quickly and still maintain attention

  • Ability to regularly lift, push, or pull up to 170 pounds.

  • Ability to stand/move on their feet for 8 hours a day.

  • Mechanical aptitude and experience in a manufacturing environment preferred.


  • While performing the duties the employee is:

  • constantly required to stand

  • constantly required to use fine manipulation and simple grasping in order to handle production equipment and to utilize the computer and other standard office equipment such as telephone, fax machines, copiers, etc.

  • constantly required to view objects at close and distant ranges

  • constantly required to reach computers and other office and machinery

  • frequently required to communicate with others

  • frequently required to sit

  • frequently required to use taste and smell senses

  • frequently required to lift and transport items weighing up to 55 lbs

  • frequently required to lift and transport items weighing up to 170 lbs

  • Equipment typically used:  DE filter, centrifuge, plate filter, Keg washer, keg fill rig, CIP skid, yeast disposal pump, hop elevator, portable pumps, pallet jack, forklift, and computers for record keeping

Note: For the purpose of this summary, occasionally is used to represent up to 1/3 of the time given to the work day, frequently represents 1/3 to 2/3 of the time and constantly represents 2/3 or more of the time.


  • Perform tank CIP’s

  • Dry hop beer

  • Carbonate beer

  • Harvest and pitch yeast

  • Clean out kegs and casks

  • Fill kegs and casks

  • Help Maintain hop yards and harvest hops during harvest.

  • Produce wort on both a 20hL production system and a 1 barrel pilot system.

  • Adhere strictly to timelines and batch records when producing beer.

  • Transfer beer between tanks.

  • Occasionally work on the bottling line

  • Help keep a clean brewery facility

  • Occasionally Load and unload trucks

  • Take daily gravities, evaluate fermentation progress and schedule future tasks based  on status of fermentations

  • Maintain cellar records.

  • Conduct Quality Assurance and Quality Control work including gravity, cell counts, sampling, yeast dumps and pH checks on product

  • Fill casks

  • Operate all canning line machinery including: filler, labeler, depalletizer, and conveyors.

  • Unload pallets and operate forklift

  • Perform minor maintenance as required

  • Maintain packaging records.

  • Clean and maintain the bottling area/machinery

  • Maintain overall cleanliness of entire brewery and cellar including tank exteriors and floors

  • Handle cleaning chemicals safely as necessary

  • Perform other duties as assigned

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