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Packaging Filler Operator


We are seeking a full-time canning / bottling filler operator with strong mechanical aptitude to join the Ipswich Ale Brewery Packaging team.  This position is responsible for the direct running and daily maintenance to ensure the efficient operation of the bottle filler and can filler. The successful candidate will pay close attention to the cleanliness of equipment resulting in consistent high quality beverage products. Applicants should enjoy the pride of producing great products and being part of a team creating todays exciting fermented beverages.  Candidates must have strong attention to detail as quality control checks and equipment monitoring are key aspects of the job.  Aptitude and interest in machine operations is desired. Experience on a canning line is a huge plus!  Flexibility, a sense of humor, and self-motivation to complete daily tasks is essential.


Daily responsibilities include but not limited to:

 Canning / Bottling Filler

  • Setup and sanitize bottle filler to make ready for filling
  • Hook up to product tanks using aseptic techniques
  • Perform end of run external cleanup and CIP
  • Schedule and perform maintenance of machine
  • Coordinate with other line operators for ready to run condition

    Other Duties:

  • Obtain from warehouse and stage packaging materials
  • Constantly clean and organize work area.
  • Report any mechanical issues to your supervisor.
  • Maintain machine focus while operating filler to ensure high quality of packaged beer.
  • Follow manufacturing best practices and follow food safety standards.
  • Keep accurate inventory of spare parts for filler


  • High School Diploma required.
  • Experience in brewing, food service and packaging work preferred.


Please submit a resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in Ipswich Ale Brewery.  Only complete applications that include a resume AND a cover letter will be considered.


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