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Crooked Hammock Brewery

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Launched in 2015, Crooked Hammock Brewery is a brand geared towards lovers of the ‘Backyard Beach Escape’ and lovers of the coastal lifestyle.  As we define it, Backyard Beach Escape evokes the feeling of your trip to a beach getaway where you invariably end up in a backyard atmosphere enjoying easy-drinking & flavorful beers, cookout-inspired foods, fun games or activities, and laughs with friends and family you enjoy most.

This brand has been aligned for growth in the next 7 years.  Projected annual sales by the end of 2020 is $17-20 million and $40-45 million by 2025.

We provide this experience through our hospitality-based brewpub locations and our beer brand for distribution.


As the Brand Manager for the Crooked Hammock Brewery (CHB) brand, you will be accountable for the creation & implementation of CH marketing business plans for the hospitality-based brewpubs and beer for distribution in support of annual volume objectives as set by business unit leaders.  Further, you will be responsible for the oversight of the development & execution of messaging with the general public in our marketing, with our guests within our establishments, and with our beer drinkers in our distribution channels.

Goals to achieve success:

  • The general public and people within our communities have strong interest in our brand;

  • Our brewpub establishments: Meet our annual volume objectives and our guests are committed to Crooked Hammock brand and emotional brand ambassadors;

  • Our beer brand through distribution channels:  Meet our annual volume objectives and beer drinkers seek out our beer through our distribution channels.

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