Head Brewer

Lefty's Right Mind Brewing

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Perform all functions associated with the job of Head Brewer for a 7BBL brewery in a 200+ capacity brew pub in Blacksburg, Va.  Candidates must have at least 3 years of commercial brewing experience and a college degree in food science, brewing science, microbiology or chemical engineering is a plus. Duties will include:

*Following existing beer recipes and developing new recipes;

* Following production SOPs of a 7BBL brewery, including fermentation, aging, dry hopping, tank management;

* Yeast management

* Ordering raw materials and maintaining raw materials and beer inventory

* Preparing and submitting all necessary governmental paper work and tax payments

* Maintaining and repairing brewery equipment to a high level

* Preparing and maintaining all brewery records

* Physically performing all functions associated with the brewing process

*Actively engage in off site promotional, distribution and festival activities

* Perform production forecasting and scheduling to maximize beer production

* Communicate with co workers, management and customers

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