Brewery Operations Manager, Lead Brewer

Aspen Brewing Company

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About Aspen Brewing Company

Aspen Brewing Company (ABC) was founded in 2008 in Aspen, Colorado with one simple goal:  make world class beer, “downstream from nobody”. Our portfolio includes National and International award winning products such as Gold Medal winning Independence Pass IPA, Silver Medal winning This Season’s Blonde Ale, an American Blonde Ale, Gold and Silver Medal winning Cloud 9 Saison, a Belgian Farmhouse Saison, Ajax Pilsner and our Silver City Ale, an American Session Wheat, have become consumer and beer judge favorites across the globe.

We operate a 20bbl brewhouse with distribution throughout Colorado. We also have a bustling Alpine Gastro-Brewpub, ‘Aspen Tap’ (partner), in downtown Aspen, that regularly features our flagship, specialty and seasonal beers and a simple high-quality menu for lunch, dinner and Apres ski/bike/sport. We all strive to maintain a healthy, happy, fun, profitable place to work and a business that supports and contributes to the Aspen and Colorado community.

This is a high-level role working directly under the CEO managing all aspects of day to day brewery production operations.  The purpose of this role is to ensure Aspen Brewing delivers 100% satisfaction to our beer buying and drinking customers, wherever they are, whenever they encounter Aspen Beer Products. This includes the quality of Aspen products, the on-time availability of Aspen products, the level of service provided to Aspen customers, anywhere.


Responsible for the planning and coordination of the entire brewing process, the Brewery Operations Manager must manage staff, coordinate brewing and packaging with distributors, sales and sales forecasts, schedule beer production runs, meet all production goals and demand metrics from our distributors, provide weekly and monthly reports to management on production and schedules, ensure adequate production materials are available, make sure that the brewery’s equipment is working correctly and ensure the brewery satisfies all statutory health and safety requirements and is a healthy place for our employees to work.


Brewery Operation Manager’s Responsibilities:

  • Lead, train, manage, and schedule a growing production team of 12+ (this includes brewhouse, cellar, packaging and works closely with Warehouse Manager) 
  • Participate daily as a brewer/cellarman as part of brewery team.
  • Lead all day-to-day operations necessary to produce high quality, consistent craft beer. 
  • Manage all production related Orchestrated Beer functions including but not limited to production order creation and execution, inventory management. 
  • Promote an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. 
  • Advocate and lead a continuous improvement culture throughout his/her team.
  • Manage and improve QA/QC process. 
  • Maintain and create Standard Operating Procedures as necessary. 
    • Hold self and team accountable for adherence to SOP’s.
    • Facilitate future growth of the brewery through continuous optimization of current processes.
  • Work with Director of Brewing on equipment acquisition and expansion logistics. Manage implementation of new equipment and processes. 
  • Works directly with leadership on new product development initiatives. 
  • Maintain brewing, cellaring, clarification, packaging and other related documentation in an organized and complete manner.
  • Represent Aspen Brewing at on/off site events/festivals on occasion.
  • Maintain and promote a clean and organized production environment.  

Brewery Operation Manager’s Continuous Activities:


  • Supervise brewing production from start to finish
    • Oversee every aspect of the production process, from the acquisition and processing of raw materials to the packaging and dispatch of the finished product.  When a problem occurs with a production process, they are usually the first point of contact.
    • Create Monthly, Quarterly, Annual budgets, gain executive approval of budgets, adhere to budget. Budgets include all operating costs of the brewery, staffing costs, all materials costs for brewery production, all delivery costs for approved destinations and that the  Budget conforms to the company standard COGS budget process.
    • Ensure all supplies are on hand to meet brewing, packaging, shipping schedules and forecasts.
    • Deliver a plan to CEO every quarter on past quarter operations, current quarter initiatives, current quarter production schedule, proposed budget for quarter.
    • Meet weekly with CEO on all brewery operations and prepare & present production and scheduling reports.
    • Review budget and schedule monthly with CEO and Accounting
    • Run daily stand-up with entire brewery staff (will discuss expected stand-up content)
    • Post and update all brewery projects, production runs, events daily on white board clearly in Brewery.
  • Manage brewery staff, excluding Brewmaster
    • Hire, career manage, train, support, mentor, lead, evaluate all brewery staff personnel excluding Brew-master.
    • Adhere to all Company processes and standards including budget adherence and approval process for the hiring, discipline, staff management, review process, salary/compensation scales, etc., of all brewery personnel
    • Make sure that the brewery staff understands their roles
    • Supervise staff and make sure they are performing their roles adequately, holding them accountable in the work place. BOM will also develop training and mentorship programs at the brewery to improve skills of workers
  • Create brewing and packaging schedules
    • BOM must create schedules so all stages of the brewing process are performed on time and production targets are met.  BOM must ensure that beers are produced to a schedule that maximizes the efficiency of the brewery and its staff while meeting all customer requirements for availability and delivery.
  • Work with the Head Brewer to formulate recipes and ensure quality is maintained
    • Work closely with the head brewer to formulate recipes for large-scale production runs and ensure those recipes are correctly followed.  BOM will be involved with the quality assurance process and play a significant role in ensuring the brewery continues to make great beer.   
  • Work closely with the Sales Team
    • The BOM must work with the sales team to ensure the sellers know the availability and location of inventory to sell and deliver.
    • Develop and coordinate a system to forecast beer production and availability based on sales. 
    • Meet customer demand for beer.
  • Help to create a realistic budget for beer production and monitor that budget
    • The BOM will help management create an appropriate budget for beer production runs, then take the steps necessary to ensure the budget is met during production runs.
    • BOM will work to reduce costs from suppliers at all times.
  • Work with the management team to forecast brewery costs
    • The BOM must develop an estimate for future brewery production costs, which is presented to upper management
    • BOM will work with management proposing and justifying new capital improvements and upgrades.
  • Establish a set of easily measured standards or metrics for performance and achievement across all functions and processes to better monitor individual and company-wide strengths and weaknesses.
  • Coordinate beer movements throughout the brewery
    • The BOM is responsible for moving beer throughout the brewery and making changes based on any issues that occur.  Those issues could include changes to production goals, issues with raw materials, or mechanical issues.
  • Work with materials suppliers
    • Be involved with suppliers of raw materials, packaging suppliers, and brewing equipment suppliers.  Maintain good working relationships with these companies and individuals.
    • Responsible for all purchasing of brewery supplies, materials, capital equipment, improvements, maintenance and other services and work with Accounting and CEO to manage vendor/supplier payables.
  • Ensure beer remains high-quality
    • Test the quality of the beer being produced and insure all beer that leaves facility meets ABC standards.
  • Continually improve the efficiency and production processes
    • Constantly look for ways to create more efficient processes throughout the brewery. Troubleshoot any problems that occur in the brewing process.
  • Enforce occupational health and safety standards
    • BOM must ensure the brewery is a safe place to work and BOM leads in enforcing safety standards on the production line.  The beer production manager will also perform safety audits and ensure that anyone visiting the brewery does so safely.
  • Ensure the brewery is extremely clean and complies with food and beverage regulations
  • The brewery production manager will be vigilant when it comes to workplace hygiene.  They must ensure that all machinery is correctly maintained and sanitized after use.


    Experience and Technical Requirements:

    • 5+ years of brewing experience, with a history of progressive advancement in leadership or management positions throughout the brewery. 
    • Managed production brewery staff of at least 6 people for a minimum of 2 years. 
    • College degree and/or certification from an accredited brewing program. 
    • Strong mechanical and problem-solving aptitude. 
    • Must have a strong mechanical background with the ability to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical problems, brewhouse, canning line, compressors, boilers, and all equipment related to the brewery. 
    • Equipment, cellaring, cleaning and maintenance best practices. SOP development and enforcement. 
    • Working knowledge of safety, (OSHA) compliance requirements and enforcement. 
    • Technical and Practical knowledge of all aspects of brewery equipment
    • Overall Inventory management 
    • Yeast management, fermentation theory/practice. 
    • Quality control and lab procedures such as: cell counting/viability testing, D.O., CO2 and packaged beer testing.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Proficient in Excel and Google spreadsheets, MS Outlook and Word.
    • Experience using brewery ERP applications required.  
    • Strong interpersonal skills.  Ability to multitask and meet aggressive deadlines efficiently and effectively
    • Extraordinary attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Job Requirements:

      • Proof of eligibility to work in the Unites States
      • Valid Driver’s License, proof of insurance and a clean driving record
      • Maintain professional behavior and appearance before, during, and after events
      • Willingness to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends
      • Must be at least 21 years of age
      • Physical Requirements:

        • Must be able to perform simple grasping, fine manipulation, and repetitive hand and arm movements frequently
        • Must be able to bend, squat, crawl, kneel, push, pull, and walk on uneven surfaces on an occasional basis
        • While primarily an inside job, must be able to work outside in a variety of weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, heat)
        • Must be able to climb stairs both inside and outside and frequently lift 60lbs. and occasionally up to 150lbs.
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