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Commonhouse Aleworks

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Commonhouse Aleworks, in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston, SC, is looking for an experienced, creative, hardworking brewer to join the Commonhouse team. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 1-year brewing experience and show proficiency in a technical interview. A formal brewing education is a plus.

This is a hands-on position that requires the ability to multitask and critically think. We are a fun group of people that like to laugh and crack jokes and not take ourselves to seriously, however we are very serious about our beer and its quality. We offer competitive pay and benefits.

Candidate will work directly with our head brewer who was educated at the American Brewer's Guild and has worked at Stone Brewing, Westbrook Brewing and Portland Brewing Company. 

We operate a 3 vessel, 15 barrel Deutsche Brewing system and in our first year of operations (2018) we brewed 2000 barrels of beer. We also operate a 1-barrel Ruby Street pilot system that is used to flex our creative muscle.

? Minimum of 1-year professional brewing experience.
? Focus on quality and safety at all times
? Ability to work independently and with the team.
? Ability to stick to established SOPs and with an eye on process improvements and efficiencies 
? Ability to safely and repeatedly lift 50#
? Forklift aptitude
? Work in a hot/cold and wet environment that requires twisting, kneeling and bending
? Stand for a duration of 8+ hours
? Use a ladder

? Malt handling and wort production
? Dry hopping
? Keg washing and filling
? Documentation of brewing and packaging, handwritten and Ekos Brewmaster
? Yeast management-cell counts, harvesting, pitching and documentation
? CIP of FVs, BBTs, brewery hosing, yeast kegs along with general brewery cleaning
? Beer transfers from FV to BBT in a safe, efficient manner with a critical eye towards low DO. 
? Pilot brewing (we encourage you to have fun and be creative)

Please email a resume and short paragraph about yourself and your favorite beer type to brew to

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